Alterna Signs Distribution Deals

by Jeff

(ALTERNA 05/18/08) Distribution companies Haven and International Enterprises, have signed deals with Alterna Comics to distribute their products. Haven Distribution (formerly Cold Cut Distributors) is located in Illinois and deals with re-order distribution. Alterna titles are available in stock right now for re-order. International Enterprise is located in California and deals with providing trade paperbacks and graphic novels to publishers overseas so that they may translate the works and distribute them to their markets.

Alterna Comics is currently distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors and Partners Book Distributors. These distribution deals will remain intact as these distributors deal with different facets of the industry than Haven and International.

Abandoning the traditional style of publishing comics in single issue format, Alterna Comics produces original, non-licensed graphic novel and trade paperbacks of ongoing stories. Retailers and readers alike have come to expect some unique reading experiences from Alterna, with titles such as: Birth, Jesus Hates Zombies, Morbid Myths, Formera, Novo, American Terror, and more to come!

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Formera Volume 1

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