Alterna Offers BIRTH On Amazon’s Kindle

by Jeff

Levittown, NY – June 30th, 2008 – Amazon’s Kindle, the handheld e-book reader, now has two new titles to add to its long list of quality e-book reads. BIRTH by Michael S. Bracco and JESUS HATES ZOMBIES by Stephen Lindsay are now available for purchase for the Kindle!

One of the first few comic publishers to have products available for the Kindle, Alterna plans on releasing many more titles for the device.

Morbid Myths Vol.1 The Collection, Formera Vol.1, Novo Vol.1, and a few others – are set to debut in the second wave of Alterna Kindle titles.

You can download BIRTH here.
51jWJA8CsAL._SL160_ Alterna Offers BIRTH On Amazon's Kindle
by Jaime-Alvarez

You can download JESUS HATES ZOMBIES here.
61wV-5FPwfL._SL160_ Alterna Offers BIRTH On Amazon's Kindle
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues
by Stephen Lindsay, Mike Bartolotta

Alterna Comics printed titles are available for purchase on as well.

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