Alterna Comics: New Year, New Logo, Same Quality Books

by Jeff

January 1st, 2009 – A new year will bring a new logo for Alterna Comics. Dropping the word “comics” from their public logo, Alterna has gone the way of many other comics publishers.

Publisher and logo designer, Peter Simeti, had this to say, “The new logo reflects a more professional and bold look for the company and the books we publish. The change to the logo was both an aesthetic choice and a choice on how we wanted to present ourselves. We no longer publish what is traditionally known as ‘comic books’ and have been publishing strictly graphic novels for the past year. Some may argue that comics and graphic novels have little difference other than semantics, and to us we’ll always be comic creators, but the world sees our books and thinks ‘graphic novel’ not ‘comic book’. This business model isn’t about to change anytime soon and I felt our logo should reflect that.”

alternalogo Alterna Comics: New Year, New Logo, Same Quality Books

The new Alterna logo will premier on the American Terror Volume Two cover and on each subsequent release thereafter. American Terror Volume Two is currently in January’s Diamond Previews catalog and is slated for a March 25, 2009 release date.

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