ALTER EGO #153 focuses on the Fabulous Flo Steinberg

by Jeff

MAR181968 ALTER EGO #153 focuses on the Fabulous Flo SteinbergMedia Release — ALTER EGO #153 (100 color pages, $9.95) shines the spotlight on the unforgettable Fabulous Flo Steinberg, Marvel’s gal Friday during the Marvel Age of Comics—with anecdotes and essays by the pros and friends who knew and loved her! Art by a cavalcade of the Marvel Bullpen’s finest—Kirby, Ditko, Wood, Adams, Trimpe, Williamson, Ploog, Severin, and others—plus: Flo’s successor, Robin Green, interviewed by Richard Arndt about her time at Marvel–and, as a bonus, her 1971 article on Marvel for Rolling Stonemagazine (and maybe a little bit about her days writing TV’s The Sopranos, to boot)! Not to mention FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Mr. Monster meets Dan Adkins (Part 1), and Bill Schelly! Cover art by Craig Wolden and Jack Kirby! Edited by Roy Thomas.

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