Alliance, Diamond Sole Distributors For Days Of Wonder

by Jeff

Los Altos, CA – July 1, 2008. Days of Wonder, the publisher of top-quality board and card games, announced today an exclusive distribution agreement with Alliance Game Distributors and its parent company Diamond Comic Distributors. Effective immediately, Alliance and Diamond become the sole distributor of Days of Wonder’s English language games to hobby retailers in North and South America. In addition they will also provide distribution to retailers and sub-distributors in the Pacific Rim region. Days of Wonder’s European subsidiary will continue to work directly with its current distribution partners in Europe, and these relationships remain unaffected by this agreement.

“This exclusive distribution agreement was the obvious next step for us in today’s economic environment. We expect the industry’s on-going consolidation to accelerate, and would rather lead than follow. More importantly, we believe this move will allow us to progressively deliver significant new benefits to our retail customers, in the form of Organized Play events and new in- store support and promotions.” says Days of Wonder CEO, Eric Hautemont. “By using Alliance’s expertise to manage all of our logistics and leveraging their sales reach to nearly every hobby game retailer, we can focus on the things we do best – developing games that consumers want and retailers find easy to sell. Just as importantly, for the first time, we now have real-time data on how all our products are doing in the marketplace. This will enable us to develop and deliver vastly better marketing and sales tools for our retailers, and will ensure we can manage our inventory better to prevent product shortages.”

Upcoming marketing programs to be detailed later this summer include Days of Wonder’s first active Organized Play program; a more comprehensive demo and marketing materials program; and access to the nationwide group of Days of Wonder demo volunteers.

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