All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?

by Matt Tuck

Sam-Wilson-Cap-art-198x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?Endgame gave us a preview of the new direction for the MCU – one that features many nods to Marvel’s more recent stories, which means collectors should be keeping an eye out for these six key issues.

Starting with the Marvel NOW! relaunch of many titles and character alterations, the company entered a new era of diversity in its titles. Of course, this continues to be a polarizing debate among readers, and it was poorly received by longtime fans for the most part. Still, it’s hard to ignore the references to the modern Marvel that were placed in Endgame. With Marvel Studios drinking from this well of stories, the key issues will gain value. That being said, here are some of the comics that could take off (and some that already have).

All-New-Captain-America-1-198x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1

The most obvious allusion to the “all-new, all-different” Marvel was Steve Rogers passing the shield to his former sidekick, Sam Wilson. With Falcon and Winter Soldier teaming up for their own Disney Plus adventure, I expect this key to become even hotter than it already is. Keep in mind that a 9.8 sold for nearly $150 on April 26.






Avenging-Spider-Man-9-197x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9

Captain Marvel donned a new look in Endgame that matched her modern comic counterpart. That puts more emphasis on Avenging Spider-Man #15 in which she first became known as Captain Marvel rather than Ms. Marvel. This issue has been a big seller since the first trailer for Captain Marvel was released, and Endgame will only help it sustain that popularity. Even though other Captain Marvel keys have slowed, this one still commands a hefty price. Earlier this month, a 9.8 sold for over $400.





Totally-Awesome-Hulk-1-standard-198x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1

This is more of a stretch, but I see Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk coming to the MCU in one form or another. Movie audiences recognized Professor Hulk in Endgame as the onscreen Bruce Banner merged with the Hulk to give audiences an intelligent “Green Goliath.” However, his mannerisms and overall demeanor reminded me more of Totally Awesome Hulk than Professor Hulk. With the rumored Hulk show on Disney Plus, it would add up that Amadeus could be introduced to MCU fans and eventually gain the power of the Hulk.

On that same note, you will want to pick up Amadeus’ first appearance in Amazing Fantasty #15 (2015) in the hopes that he makes it onto the screen. Not only could he fit in with a Hulk show, but if Hercules is added to the Eternals movie, it wouldn’t be unlikely for Amadeus to appear there as well. After all, before he gained the powers of the Hulk, he was Herc’s sidekick. 

Thor-1-2014-197x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?THOR #1 (2014)

Love it or hate it, I can picture Lady Thor’s story being told on the big screen. Five years ago, when Jason Aaron introduced Thor, Goddess of Thunder, I was skeptical, but I came to appreciate this story arc. After Thor Odinson became unworthy of Mjolnir, Jane Foster – her mortal body plagued with cancer – picked up his hammer and gained the powers of the thunder god. 

In Endgame, we saw Thor fall dangerously close to being unworthy after he found himself caught in the throws of depression when he was unable to protect mankind from Thanos. This could be a perfect setup to bring back Jane Foster and have Aaron’s tale play out on screen, but that’s pure speculation on my part.



Young-Avengers-1-197x300 All-New, All-Different Marvel: The New Direction of the MCU?YOUNG AVENGERS #1

Collectors have been adding this issue to their sets for months now, which has made it one of the more popular comics to have ever since Kevin Feige mentioned bringing them to the MCU a year ago.

As the original Avengers lineup comes to a close, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios will introduce the younger team of heroes, especially with all the other rumored shows coming to Disney Plus. Don’t forget that the Totally Awesome Hulk was part of this group, which gives more inclination to him being brought into the cinematic universe.

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