Alcon Media Group and Titan unite for BLADE RUNNER comics

by Jeff

5dd43335-b840-40d8-b426-94a5418e37fc Alcon Media Group and Titan unite for BLADE RUNNER comicsMedia Release — Alcon Media Group and London-based Titan Publishing, a leading force in genre and pop culture publishing, are partnering in a new co-publishing venture initially focused on the Blade Runner universe.

In a joint statement by Alcon co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, and Titan’s co-founders, Nick Landau and Vivian Cheung, the partners stated that the companies will develop and publish a variety of both fiction and non-fiction print media. The program will feature new, in canon comics and graphic novels that dive deeper into the Blade Runner world as well as a variety of publications focused on the visual and technical sides of the production process.

Editorial duties will be handled by Titan’s David Manley-Leach, and Alcon’s director of publishing, Jeff Conner.

States Kosove and Johnson, “In partnering with the exceptional Titan Comics and Titan Books, we’re confident that the world of Blade Runner will continue to organically grow in a way that refuses to sacrifice the quality, tone and high standards of this beloved property.”

“We are extremely excited to be publishing Blade Runner comics and illustrated books,” said Titan publishers Nick Landau and Vivian Cheung. “The Blade Runner universe has barely been explored; there is so much more there. It’s an honour to be bringing this world to life in new ways for a new audience – and to reveal tales from that universe that you’ve never seen before.”

Titan has three-decade history of success in the pop culture sphere, from their celebrated Doctor Who publications (comics, magazines and books) to tie-in novels set in the Marvel and DC universes. They also release a robust line of original genre novels, from hardboiled crime to supernatural horror, cyberpunk to intergalactic adventure.

Since 1997, Alcon Media Group has financed and produced over 30 films, including The Blind Side, Book of Eli, Prisoners, and Insomnia. Alcon’s most recent film was Blade Runner 2049, the critically acclaimed sequel to Blade Runner. The company’s television division produces the visionary science fiction series, The Expanse, which has just been acquired by Amazon Prime for at least two new seasons.

Titan is the leading publisher of tie-in books for movies, games and television―producing world-class titles in fiction and non-fiction categories. Their publishing lines include illustrated art books, in-universe illustrated books and fiction prequels, novelizations and continuity original stories. They offer comics and graphic novels from the world’s greatest licensed properties, alongside creator-owned comic books from new and world-renowned talent.

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