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by Jeff
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When I first got into comics as a teenager, Swamp Thing was exactly the type of comic book I would have avoided like the plague. A giant, mobile vegetable? Too gimmicky. Didn’t they make a campy movie of this with Heather Locklear? (Why, yes they did!) Isn’t this… a guy comic? Bring me my Uncanny X-Men and leave me in peace!

However, after a good friend mentioned that Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing taught him everything he knew about love and comics, I decided to give it a try. And promptly fell in love. It is a romance, after all – a romance filled with supernatural creatures, classic elements of horror, interspecies sexuality, and space travel, of course.

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In the original origin story of Swamp Thing, scientist Alec Holland, while working to develop a formula that could grow vegetation in even the most inhospitable or devastated environments, was sabotaged and blown up by a bomb. After throwing himself into the swamp in agony, he emerged as Swamp Thing, a sentient plant with supernatural strength and intriguing powers. Almost the first thing Moore does is blow that origin to bits, which frees up the character and expands his potential immeasurably.

The six trade paperbacks that make up Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, and John Tottleben’s Swamp Thing run are amazing in their depth of character development, storylines, and artwork. Swamp Thing could easily become a bystander in his own series while fighting the monster of the week, but instead, we’re taken on a journey as Swamp Thing falls in love with Abigail Arcane, wrestles with his inner demons, “dies,” is reborn, and ultimately finds his place in the universe (literally). It’s a gorgeous story, perfect if you’ve just tackled Watchmen and want to continue your Alan Moore odyssey. But it’s also just a plain good comic for anyone who appreciates a captivating tale.

So, who’s already read Swamp Thing and wants to school us on the finer points of this award-winning comic book series? And… is the movie worth watching? I want to know! Post your comments below!

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