Air #7 Priced At Just $1.00

by Jeff

The December Previews includes solicitations for Vertigo’s AIR #7 and the AIR VOL. 1: LETTERS FROM LOST COUNTRIES TP, collecting issues #1-5 of the series, both scheduled to arrive in stores in March.

Featuring a cover price of just $1.00 US, AIR #7 is a special issue designed to appeal to new readers. In this issue, written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by M.K. Perker, Blythe has traveled through a country that doesn’t exist to a dimension of lost things to search for the stranger she’s fallen in love with – a man who may or may not be a terrorist. Now, they will be reunited in the strangest way possible: Trapped in 10-year-old Zayn’s body, Blythe will relive his life. The things she’ll learn will shock her, and perhaps forever alter her course.

The issue also includes a special text piece by Wilson to fill readers in on the story so far.

In addition, retailers will receive one FREE copy of AIR #7 for every copy of the AIR VOL. 1: LETTERS FROM LOST COUNTRIES TP ordered. The AIR VOL. 1 TP is priced at $9.99 US.

“This is an excellent opportunity to introduce readers to AIR,” says Bob Wayne, DC’s VP – Sales. “We encourage retailers to give a free copy of AIR #7 to every customer purchasing the AIR VOL. 1 collected edition.”

Here’s what the critics and some of comics most prominent writers are saying about AIR:

“I’ve read the first five issues of AIR and have enjoyed them to no end – it starts off as Rushdie and then parachutes off into Pynchon.” – Neil Gaiman

“The hype surrounding this book is for real. It’s ambitious, fantastically strange and completely original” – Wizard

“I am knee deep in AIR . . . There’s so much to love in this story.” – Brian Azzarello

“. . . An interesting mixture of fantasy, romance and air travel.” – Variety

“The fantasy is real, and the reality is fantastic. AIR is a compelling and completely original read that thrills, surprises and delights.” – Gail Simone

“It’s a beautiful and intriguing post-9/11 fairy tale, part Gabriel Garcia Marquez, part Lost, all very fresh and exciting. I can’t wait to see where it leads next.” – Jason Aaron

“Wilson and Perker share a deep love for comics, and it shows in every pretty page.” – Bust Magazine

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