AHOY COMICS sets sail September 2018

by Jeff

JUL181526 AHOY COMICS sets sail September 2018Media Release — After 20 months of careful preparation, we at AHOY Comics are proud, excited, and scared witless to be shipping our first titles in September.

THE WRONG EARTH, by Tom Peyer, Jamal Igle & Juan Castro, tells the story of a grim masked vigilante and his campy, Silver Age counterpart who accidentally swap universes.

HIGH HEAVEN, by Peyer and Greg Scott, deals with a man who dies and goes to Heaven, where everything is disappointing and everybody hates him.

Both miniseries have clear, compelling concepts to pull readers in. And they’re funny, which is important to us. They also have large inventories of story and art to ensure on-time shipping.

And they have more.

On top of a generous page-count of comics, we’re offering short stories, prose humor, single-panel cartoons and/or poetry in every AHOY issue. They’ll still fit in your longbox, but in every sense these are comic magazines.

AHOY Comics has been written up in by The Hollywood Reporter, praised by Forbes, and blurbed by the likes of Mark Waid, Mark Millar, Walter Simonson and Michael Allred.

Contributors include Grant Morrison, Mark Russell, Peter Milligan, Ann Nocenti, Dean Motter, some superstars of today we’re not announcing yet, and some talented creators we’re betting are the stars of tomorrow.

We’re adding two more miniseries in October:

CAPTAIN GINGER, by Stuart Moore, June Brigman & Roy Richardson, about a starship with a crew of cats.

EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SNIFTER OF TERROR, an irreverent anthology narrated by the classic author at his very drunkest. Mark Russell, Peter Snejbjerg, Hunt Emerson and Fred Harper all appear in #1.

Visit us at ComicsAhoy.com for more information.

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