Age of the Kirby Crackle: Three Comics to Watch

by Matt Tuck

The cosmic Kirby crackle is invading movie screens both in the MCU and the DCEU with the Eternals and the New Gods. When it comes to Jack Kirby’s solo creations, DC has the advantage, and there are three of his bronze age titles you should keep an eye on.

Mister-Miracle-1-1-200x300 Age of the Kirby Crackle: Three Comics to WatchMISTER MIRALCE #1 (1971)

Of all Kirby’s DC creations, Mister Miracle is the most likely to come to the big screen in light of the New Gods being adapted for their own movie. It only propels the logic considering that Tom King, writer of the acclaimed Mister Miracle series from 2017, is co-writing the script. Whether or not we’ll see Scott Free in the New Gods is anyone’s guess at this point, but if the film is a hit, then it’s plausible that he and Big Barda will be pulled into the fold sooner or later.

Clearly I’m not the only person who thinks Mister Miracle is destined for the silver screen. Almost every grade of Mister Miracle #1 has seen a price increase since last year. Two years ago, $100 could have gotten you a nice 8.5. These days, nearly everything has reached the triple figures, and even the 5.0 is averaging $167.


The-Demon-1-1972-204x300 Age of the Kirby Crackle: Three Comics to WatchTHE DEMON #1 (1972)

Stepping away from the cosmic side of things and into horror, we have Etrigan the Demon.

With the upcoming Sandman Netflix series in development, this presents an avenue to introduce Etrigan into the DCEU. The rhyming demon has been one of my favorite DC characters, though he tends to be underused. However, this could be his time to enter the mainstream consciousness, and he has been connected to Morpheus in Neil Gaiman’s original Sandman run. Considering there have been rumblings of Lucifer making an appearance in the show, then it would stand to reason that Etrigan would come along for the ride from Hell.

At the moment, nearly all grades of Etrigan’s first appearance in The Demon #1 are down, which is good for collectors. The highest grade sold so far this year has been the 9.4, and it is at a three-year low, peaking at $350 in June. What’s even better for buyers is that you can get all the way up to a 7.5 for less than $100.

Kamandi-1-203x300 Age of the Kirby Crackle: Three Comics to WatchKAMANDI, THE LAST BOY ON EARTH #1 (1972)

Another of Kirby’s DC creations in 1972, Kamandi is clearly a take on Planet of the Apes. Like Eternals and the New Gods, the tales of the last boy on Earth is a sweeping epic, and it would look good on screens. He’s already been mentioned in the CW’s The Flash television series, planting the seeds for a potential appearance in the “Arrowverse.” However, Kamandi’s story is one that I could see being adapted for movie screens, especially after the rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy proved popular with audiences.

If you’ve been considering adding a Kamandi #1 to your collection, now is a great time to buy. Like Etrigan’s first appearance, Kamandi’s debut is one you can have without breaking your budget. A graded 9.6 has averaged $162 over the past 90 days, down $14 from its 2018 fair market value. A 9.4 recently sold for just $60, and its 90-day average is only $94.

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