Afterdead 1.3 Hunter And Hunted Shipping February 2009

by Jeff

October 17, 2008- The lives and afterlives of the Desert Peach and Stinz continue. At a roller derby tournament – Rosen is a huge fan — the Peach meets an old friend from the Quick Times. A questionable treasure brings back memories of an old war. The Peach loses his lunch – and his head – at After Reichisch entertainment.

Review quotes:

“Many, many moons ago, I stumbled across Stinz: Family Values, and was immediately impressed. Long story short: I went and found every Stinz collection I could, and along the way met this Desert Peach guy, too. And watching Desert Peach moving from farcical comedy to human drama was, no hyperbole, dumbfounding. I really truly did feel like a bomb had gone off in my brain. Like so many of her fans I couldn’t help but wish that somehow, somewhere they might meet (’cause believe me, the half-horse and the gay Nazi could have quite a conversation – they’re both veterans). And now, years later, those prayers are answered!”
Caleb Collins – Dove Square, Webcomicnation

“In Afterdead, Barr continues to explore themes such as the influence of the military on society, the complexities of love and sexuality and the gray areas of morality and human responsibility…. Afterdead will allow her to comment on a wide range of issues facing modern life, noting in her introduction that ‘the new Peach will open up hunting season on the whole of human history and every country that ever was or could be.’ Barr acknowledges that the current political climate, in which issues of war and civil liberties are of central importance, should give her rich material with which to work.”
Kate Culkin – Publisher’s Weekly.

AFTERDEAD 1.3 – HUNTER AND HUNTED, by Donna Barr, $15.95, shipping in February 2009 from A FINE LINE PRESS.
Published: Quarterly (yearly for full volumes).
Intended Audience: Full Citizen
Genre: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, and Magic Realism
Format: Comic size (6.62″ x 10.25″) 64 pages, black and white. Full-color cover.

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