Afterburn April 2015 Solicitations

by Jeff

665650_320 Afterburn April 2015 SolicitationsThe kind folks at Afterburn have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the February 2015 Previews, scheduled to ship starting April 2015.


Written by Robert W. Hickey, Bill Nichols
Art by Renea De Liz, Chris Dreier, Richard Pollard, Aero Zero
Cover by Brian Level
On sale April 29th 2015 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99, on-going series, wrap around cover.

The mysterious Darkness Chronicles team land in the middle of a nest of alien Soulbreed and encounter the time-traveling duo of Blood and Roses. The Time Agents appear on the scene also tracking down the elusive time shard.

SKYSTORM ORIGINS #2 (Diamond Previews #FEB150905)
ISBN: 1888429747 • EAN: 978188842974950399


Written by Robert W. Hickey
Art by Brad Gorby, Bill Nichols, Jerry Foley
Cover by Brad Gorby
On sale April 29th 2015 • graphic novel, 64 pg, FC, $9.99, limited series, perfect binding

Christiana Blood, a warrior from the time of the Crusades, refused the right to fight because she was a woman. Tamara Roses, a cop from the future, constantly at odds with the red tape of the “system”. Two rebels brought together by the Time Lords as agents to repair the time stone. We introduce to major characters for the Paradox Wars series.

PARADOX WARS: BLOOD & ROSES Graphic Novel #1 (Diamond Previews #FEB150904)
ISBN : 1888429488 • EAN Code: 978188842948050999


Written by Robert W. Hickey
Art by Jackie Hernandez, Chris Dreier, Steve Stegelin
Cover by Robert W. Hickey, Jackie Hernandez
On sale April 29th 2015 • magazine, 56 pg, FC, $7.99, limited series, 8 1/2″ x 11″

This collection includes 140+ comic strips from the popular online webcomic strip at .
Follow the adventures of Clay and his best friend Pan as they tackle life, ADHD, Dyslexia and keeping batteries in their lightsabers.

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