Affordable Wolverine

by Matt Tuck

Incredible-Hulk-340-194x300 Affordable WolverineThere’s no shortage of Wolverine keys, but for collectors on a tight budget, here’s four of the more affordable ones that have the potential to rise in value over the next few years.

The words “affordable” and “key issues” aren’t exactly synonyms. In fact, they’re closer to antonyms since, generally, an affordable key is usually a minor key compared to the high-priced major keys. That is a plus when it comes to collecting Wolverine keys because, outside of his comic debut and his early X-Men appearances, he doesn’t have too many major keys. Want to know more about some of those bigger keys? Check out “The Collectible Wolverine” and “70s X.”

That being said, there are loads of minor keys for Wolverine – too many to list in a single post. To whittle down the number, I mostly focused on issues that have the best chance of transitioning to the big screen MCU. All four of these you can get a decent prices even for the higher grades.

Wolverine-1-ongoing-198x300 Affordable WolverineWOLVERINE #1 (1988)

While not as iconic as the Wolverine Limited #1, this is still a key in Logan’s history. It shows how popular he had become by the late 1980s that he could carry his own monthly self-titled series. The issue itself is not exactly stellar, but it’s still a great pickup for any Wolverine fan, and it’s going to rise in value when the X-Men join the MCU. Will it reach the same level as its predecessor? No, but I predict a boost simply because anything Wolverine will get a push from the cinematic universe.





Wolverine-10-194x300 Affordable WolverineWOLVERINE #10

Chronologically according to publishing dates, this is not the first time readers saw Wolverine and Sabretooth face off; that would be Uncanny X-Men #212. Wolverine #10 is a flashback that reveals the initial fight between the two and establishes why they hate each other so much. The difference here is that we don’t see the post-Weapon X, adamantium-laced animal we know and love, and instead we are given a look at Logan getting his proverbial clock cleaned by his nemesis. I always enjoyed the touch that, in those days, Sabretooth would always find and torment Logan on his birthday. It added a touch of psycho to an already bloodthirsty villain.




Hulk-340-interior-204x300 Affordable WolverineTHE INCREDIBLE HULK #340

If there’s any adversary tied to Wolverine possibly more so than Sabretooth, it would be the Hulk. Over the years, these two have had a number of team-ups and battles, but none compare to their second fight in Hulk #340.

Not only is this an engaging and fun throw down between the two, but Todd McFarlane was on his game when he penciled this issue. The cover is among the most copied in Marvel history and for good reason. It captures the fury and impending carnage with the reflection of a charging Hulk in the claws. What helps with adding value to this issue is that it’s almost a given that Hulk and Wolverine will square off on the big screen, and that will send collectors clamoring for Hulk #340.



Wolverine-75-196x300 Affordable WolverineWOLVERINE #75

Speaking of comic-inspired MCU moments that would look amazing on the silver screen, look no further than Wolverine #75.

Since Logan joined the X-Men close to 20 years before this issue was published, fans knew that, despite his healing factor, Magneto had the best chance of killing Wolverine. In this comic, Magneto didn’t murder Wolverine, but he made the X-Man wish he had been. Adam Kubert’s pencil work captured the anguish and brutality of Magneto ripping the adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton. With Disney/Marvel Studios keeping their films more on the family-friendly side, this scene may be too violent for the MCU as it was portrayed in the comic.

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