Affordable Keys: 1st Appearances of Iconic Costumes

by Don

Iconic-Costumes-300x157 Affordable Keys: 1st Appearances of Iconic CostumesFor those of us who are still looking for a good deal, the 1st appearances of classic costumes worn by our favorite heroes are still pretty affordable and present good value. We’ll discuss two issues below from the Silver Age and one from the Modern Age.

Unable to spend discretionary dollars on vacations, dining out, or attending professional sporting events, the pandemic has brought many former collectors off the sidelines and back into the hobby. This has resulted in record-high sales for books like Amazing Spider-Man #129 and Incredible Hulk #181. Once we can spend our money on going to a ball game, for example, demand will drop and I believe we’ll eventually see a market correction at some point. In the meantime, let’s look at a couple solid bets.

X-Men #39: 1st Appearance of Cyclops and Marvel Girl’s Classic Costumes

Screen-Shot-2021-03-06-at-9.12.54-PM-199x300 Affordable Keys: 1st Appearances of Iconic Costumes

As we all know, when the original X-Men first appeared, they all wore identical blue and yellow uniforms. The uniforms were straightforward and plain — perhaps appropriate for teenage students attending a strict boarding school. Finally, in X-Men #39, each member of the team donned new costumes that reflected their unique personalities. Two of those uniforms are absolute classics: (1) Marvel Girl’s green mini-skirt and yellow mask; and (2) Cyclops’ blue and yellow costume. Many of Marvel Girl’s later costumes incorporate the green color scheme from her outfit first seen in this issue. As for Cyclops, his later costumes have all been variations on the one that first appears here.

Lastly, this issue has a gorgeous cover that clearly features all of the original X-Men in their new costumes. Raw, mid-grade copies of this book have recently sold for around $80.00 on eBay. I think this is a pretty good deal for this great Silver Age book.

Captain Marvel #17: 1st Appearance of Captain Marvel’s Classic Red, Blue, and Gold Costume

Screen-Shot-2021-03-10-at-9.17.42-PM-201x300 Affordable Keys: 1st Appearances of Iconic Costumes

Up until this issue, the original Captain Marvel wore a green and white costume that resembled green and white uniforms worn by members of the Kree military. It’s not until Captain Marvel #17 does he don, for the first time, the familiar red and blue costume with the gold star. Carol Danvers, of course, makes a variation of this costume famous on the big screen in Captain Marvel.

This issue also has a great cover that prominently displays this new costume. A raw, mid-grade copy of this book recently sold for $15.00 on eBay. I think this is a great price for a nice Silver Age book.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1: 1st Appearance of Captain America’s Stealth Suit

Screen-Shot-2021-03-11-at-8.14.40-PM-194x300 Affordable Keys: 1st Appearances of Iconic CostumesOf the many uniforms that Captain America wore on-screen, most fans and even Chris Evans himself have said they prefer dark blue S.H.I.E.L.D or stealth suit that first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In contrast to the brightly colored and divisive costume he wore in The Avengers, the stealth suit is understated and somber. Fans loved the suit so much that Steve wore it again briefly in Avengers: Endgame.

Considering how much fans love this costume, the first appearance of this suit in Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 is currently selling for LESS than cover price. For instance, on eBay, buyers have recently purchased the entire Steve Rogers limited series for $4 (or $1 per issue). If you love Captain America and this particular costume, then, at this price point, it’s an absolute steal.

What do you think about these costumes’ first appearances? Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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