Affordable Golden Age Goodness

by Ariel Lazo

goldenagecomics-600x204-2-300x102 Affordable Golden Age GoodnessMany collectors steer clear of anything from the Golden Age. We all think that the prices would be way out of our league. However, if you sacrifice a little on the grade you can score some gorgeous books almost guaranteed to rise in value. Below I have 5 Golden Age books with an FMV lower than $300 in 6.0 Grade. I want to be able to show you that anyone can own a piece of comic book history for the right price.


110510_df31c24f5ee4ca52aadb7ee0d8fbd8f06665672f-203x300 Affordable Golden Age GoodnessCrime SuspenStories #24 (1954)

Published by Entertaining Comics (EC, known as Educational Comics beforehand) this book features 4 murder and suspense stories. The first story is about a man who murders a look-alike millionaire in order to claim his place in life. As a result, he comes to find out the man he killed also committed a witnessed murder and gets arrested regardless. No FMV is currently listed and the last one to be sold at a 6.0 grade sold for $293 in June of 2020. Four years prior it sold in the same grade for $145. There 63 total copies in the CGC census with 17 of them being in the 5.0-6.0 range alone. This is a great book for any collector to hold proudly in their collection.

Superman #74 (1952)

This beauty is the 2nd Lex Luther cover in this series. Everyone loves owning a nice piece of Superman history so why not start here. Currently, there are a total of 105 copies in the CGC census. Twelve are listed as 6.5 with an FMV of $230. This makes this book easily attainable. With so little copies in the census, value is bound to only go up. Besides, you do not want to miss Lex trying to turn the Man of Steel to the Man of Stone!

Weird Fantasy #16 (1952) 109192_f7246bd3b1af63189957b0eefbfb602dce7977f9-213x300 Affordable Golden Age Goodness

Featuring adaptation of works by Ray Bradbury, this book is a steal. Another book is listed with the same issue number published in 1950, but it actually is the 4th issue in the series. This is the actual issue 16. The census shows 119 books total being graded. Thirteen of them being in the 6.0-6.5 range. Current FMV is $210 at a 6.0 and $230 in the 6.5 grade. As I stated, you can own a Golden Age beauty for less than most modern books are selling right now. The most recent sale was a 6.0 in March of 2020 for $169.50.

Captain Marvel Adventures #50 (1945)

Imagine owning a book by Fawcett Publications. Now you don’t need to imagine! Many know Billy Batson as Shazam but before that, he was Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel loses his power but Billy Batson somehow has them. This issue also has a 2 page National War Fund story about a teacher capturing a German town. Can’t beat history with a great story. As of now there are 76 books in the census. A 7.0 sold in March of 2020 for $253.99. You can’t beat the price or the value.

193747_014ef2cb1cfcbe37ed6f1bdd5a126da17bc9f4d7-212x300 Affordable Golden Age GoodnessSensation Comics #92 (1949)

The Amazons join forces with the warriors of Infanta to battle the Duke of Deception. This 52-page beauty features Wonder Woman on the cover holding scales. You even get to see, well if you want to call it that, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane. I left one of the best for last. This book has a very low amount on the census. As a result, this book will maintain much of its value easily, at least I believe so. Two books with a grade of 6.0 sold this year, one for $264 and one for $320, still making this easy to grab. The issue is trying to find one for sale.


Golden Age Goodness Bottom Line

Golden Age books remind us of a time long ago. When comics were created for the readers and not for the various variants. These also provide a piece of history that we should hold on to. Although you can absolutely find many more Golden Age books in lower grades that are keys, I chose these because of the grades. I figure starting off with a mid-grade Golden Age book, will whet the appetite for future books. I will be posting some more books that are reachable very soon. Till then feel free to comment with some finds or books you think should be on my next list.

Hope you enjoyed!

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!


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Tony C July 24, 2020 - 7:51 pm

Great blog! I grabbed an 8.5 Tales from the Crypt #36 not that long ago for $850. It also has a Bradbury adaptation. I personally think mid-grade Tales from the Crypt (and its predecessor Crypt of Terror) are great investment opportunities.

Ariel Lazo July 27, 2020 - 6:26 am

What an 8.5!! That is amazing! I can only imagine how great it looks! That book has a great cover with the cabbie and the Vampire! I love EC, they have some good titles and books! Congrats on that great score! Plus you can’t beat a Ray Bradbury adaptation! Thanks for reading and great job!

Randy & Barb DeBower July 25, 2020 - 11:30 am

AT LAST!! –Golden Age books getting a spotlight! I was beginning to think that only Silver to Modern were all that the speculators should care about. Myself, I’ve added at least ONE iconic Golden era book from EVERY major title published, to my stash. I set my sights on this goal early on, especially after seeing images of these in the early Overstreet guides and in Steranko’s History of Comics! I was fortunate enough to still do that BEFORE they became somewhat expensive. (It seems now, that it wasn’t all that long ago) They make a great cornerstone to a collection. -Plus they have far exceeded my expectations on value increases. Yes, that’s priced many of these out of a lot of peoples reach now. But back then, many of the books I purchased were underappreciated. Besides, just as the article points out, lower grades from 3.5 – 7.0 can be an affordable option! Remember, history has shown us that there is much more material from ALL comic book periods -from Gold to recent, yet to be appreciate and be invested in!

Ariel Lazo July 27, 2020 - 6:18 am

I couldn’t have said better myself! I only have about 1 or 2 GA books for now but planning on expanding my collection big time this year. People fail to realize that without the Golden Age there would not be a Silver, Bronze or anything else. Plus as you said you can’t beat the ROI (Return On Investment) that these books have over other. Congrats on grabbing a book from every title, that is awesome! Thanks for reading and great comment!

Sean M Rosen July 31, 2020 - 10:42 am

Sorry, but i think there’s a typo here. That’s not Sensation Comics #72; the cover clearly says “No. 92.”

Ariel Lazo July 31, 2020 - 1:00 pm

Thank you very much Sean! You are absolutely right. I will make the correction right away. Thank you again!


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