Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a Budget

by Matt Tuck

020822B-1024x536 Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a BudgetBlade is officially in the MCU, and the ramifications will jumpstart the market for his key issues. Lucky for you, there’s more to collect than just that elusive first appearance. Let’s take a look at some Blade keys worth keeping an eye out for.

The Daywalker is coming, and he is set to make a huge impact on the status quo. We’ve already heard his voice in his famous Eternals cameo, and there are rumors that he will appear in Moon Knight and Multiverse of Madness. Of course, the big moment is when he returns to movie screens for the first time since 2004. 

The biggest impact will be on his debut in Tomb of Dracula #10. Unless you’ve got $36k to spend on a graded 9.8 or you are willing to fork over $600 for a lowly 1.0, that holy grail is out of reach. Fortunately, there are some alternative Blade keys for the fan on a budget. 

Comic-Reader-95 Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a BudgetCOMIC READER #95

Here you have an affordable first that will keep you well within your price range.

Granted, Comic Reader #95 is more of a preview than an actual comic, and therefore it does not command the prices of an in-story first.

However, this issue does include the cover art for TOD #10, which features the debut of Blade. It makes for a unique collectible that hardcore Daywalker fans will surely want in their collections.

Fear-24-200x300 Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a BudgetADVENTURE INTO FEAR #24

For the first few years of Blade’s existence in the Marvel-616, he was an established antagonist to Dracula. He plagued the Prince of Darkness for several issues, and his origin story was tied closely to the original vampire.

Once Blade began to gain a following, Marvel decided to give him an adventure outside the Tomb of Dracula titles, beginning with Adventure into Fear #24. What also makes this issue an interesting find is that it is the first time Blade met Morbius.

With the two characters having upcoming movies, not to mention the Sony-verse’s connections to the MCU, it stands to reason that the Daywalker and the Living Vampire will meet on the big screen.

Vampire-Tales-8-223x300 Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a BudgetVAMPIRE TALES #8

Here you have a great pickup for anyone building their Blade collections. Building on the character’s budding success, Marvel decided to give the Daywalker his first starring role in a solo story.

That particular tale also served as the first time readers discovered Blade’s origins, which would serve as the basis of his character for decades to follow.

Since this is an origin story rather than a first appearance, it keeps the values relatively low, and that is good news for budget-conscious collectors.

Blade-the-Vampire-Hunter-1-203x300 Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a BudgetBLADE: THE VAMPIRE HUNTER #1

It wasn’t until 1994 that Blade finally starred in his own self-titled series. Because of the rising costs of first appearances, many collectors have begun turning their attention towards alternative character firsts, namely the first volumes of their solo runs.

Depending on how popular Blade becomes in the MCU (and I predict he will be a bigger star than ever), this comic has a positive upside. At the moment, copies are easy to find at high grades, and the prices fit within practically any budget.


There is a rumor going around that both Wesley Snipes and Mahershala Ali could appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Blades from different dimensions. If that happens, it will set off a volcanic eruption for all those Blade keys, including the aforementioned bargain finds. It would be wise to act now just in case that rumor pans out.

Upgrade2_Footer Afforda-Blade: Daywalker Keys on a Budget*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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MATRIXCOMIX February 15, 2022 - 1:20 pm

Although these picks work for Blade keys, as we saw with The Eternals and the possibility of MI:13 (which Blade was a part of), as much as Blade IS a lone wolf, he is very much about his teams. Here’s a few: Nightstalkers, Avengers, MI:13, and Spirits of Vengeance. The latter, SoV, has a beautiful 2nd print #1 that is low print and is pushing $100 raw, if you can find it. Blade is also a MAJOR character with VERY FEW incentive variants. The coolest, IMO, is the Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 foilogram 1:25 variant. A tough book to get in high grade due to the shiny foil cover. I am actually the seller who set a market high of $625 for a 9.8 Blade #8, his cover with Morbius, a 1 of 1 on the census. There is great potential for his books, if you can find them. Lastly, I would be remissed if I didn’t mention the foreign editions market. Tomb of Dracula 10 has some beautiful foreign editions with the Swedish and German editions being my favorite. This market as a whole is on the rise and you might be able to pick up some foreigns of his first appearance, which ARE noted as first appearances and are way more rare than the US edition. Again, IF YOU CAN FIND THEM.


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