Acclaimed Author Barry Lyga Gives Wolverine His Worst Day Ever

by Jeff

Marvel is proud to reveal that acclaimed YA novelist Barry Lyga (The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Hero-Type) will make his Marvel Comics debut with Wolverine: Worst Day Ever, an all-new illustrated novel for all ages. Featuring new cover art by Todd Nauck (Amazing Spider-Man Obama Story), this original illustrated hardcover features a look at Wolverine like you’ve never seen before!

“The book is told as a series of blog entries by a new student at Xavier’s School,” Lyga explained, “with illustrations culled from Wolverine and X-Men comics going back as far as Giant-Size X-Men #1.

jan092590d Acclaimed Author Barry Lyga Gives Wolverine His Worst Day Ever

“The difficulty in writing a character like Wolverine is that so many people have had so many things to say about him already. It was my job to introduce the character to a new kind of reader, so I sort of gleefully plunged in and tried to distill Logan down to the basics and then look at him through the very warped eye of a kid who doesn’t have any kind of automatic respect for Wolverine or the X-Men or anyone else, for that matter. Honestly, I’m kinda surprised Marvel let me get away with it.”

That’s right, Bub, Wolverine: Worst Day Ever is an all-new illustrated novel for all ages examining Wolverine’s life and times as one of Marvel’s deadliest heroes. In stores this April, experience the most unique look ever inside the mind of everyone’s favorite X-Man in Wolverine: Worst Day Ever!

Retailers, please note that this was previously solicited as Wolverine GN.

Written by BARRY LYGA
Paper over Board Hardcover Format
Interior art various Marvel artists
All Ages …$14.99

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