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by Jeff

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! SIX new DVD products to ring in the year and kick off our MONSTERS & COWBOYS SALE!! For Sci-fi fans, The DEADLY MANTIS, CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN, I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, starring Whit Bissell and Gary Conway, and finally Brian Donlevy in the 1957 feature, ENEMY FROM SPACE!! For Western buffs, it’s ROY ROGERS in TRIGGER, JR.!! For serial fans- Men of Mystery Presents BLACKHAWK, starring Kirk Allyn!! All debuting at a special limited-time-only DISCOUNT PRICE!! But that’s not all!!

14 other Sci-fi & Western DVD titles on the shop now are available at discount prices, AND issue #’s 4-30 on the BEST OF THE WEST anthology reprint comic book are now HALF PRICE !! Act now, as these prices represent a limited time offer that will end without notice!!

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Men of Mystery Presents: Blackhawk DVD

Based on the Quality Comics character created by Chuck Cuidera. Stars KIRK ALYN, Carol Forman, Rick Valin, John Crawford, Don Harvey, Larry Stewart. Enemy agents led by beautiful spy, Laska (Carol Forman) attack America in heinous sabotage. Rushing to stop these enemies of freedom are THE BLACKHAWKS, a band of seven freedom fighters, all aerial aces operating from a secret air base in the Southwest United States. Greatest of these champions of justice is BLACKHAWK himself (KIRK ALYN). 15 exciting episodes, two disc set, Interactive menus, B&W, over 4 hours! 1952. Directed by Spencer Bennet and Fred F. Sears. Comic book heroes come to life in this action-packed cliffhanger serial! Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.

Roy Rogers in Trigger Jr. DVD – FULL COLOR!

ROY ROGERS in action and in COLOR!! Badman GRANT WITHERS extorts local ranchers with his Range Patrol protection racket but crusty old Colonel Harkrider (GEORGE CLEVELAND) bucks him at every turn. So The Phantom, a killer white stallion, is brought in to terrorize the locals into joining. When ROY ROGERS tries to intervene, his golden palomino TRIGGER is blinded in an attack by The Phantom. TRIGGER, JR., the palomino’s colt will be the next victim of the killer horse unless Roy, aided by DALE EVANS , PAT BRADY and GORDON JONES, can stop this band of ruthless men!! Written by Gerald Geraghty, produced by Edward J. White and directed by action king William H. Witney, this 1950 Republic Pictures feature runs 67 minutes. Digitally remastered with extensive color correction on it’s Trucolor process, this all-ages FULL COLOR feature is digitally remastered, regions-free, and presented on a single DVD-R in NTSC format, and should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.

Enemy From Space DVD

Space scientist Bernard Quatermass (BRIAN DONLEVY) uncovers a secret government facility heavily guarded to keep everybody out. Gaining entrance by joining an official tour, he discovers a horrible truth. The entire complex and all those who run it are being controlled by an Alien creature from beyond the stars!! An early science fiction classic from Hammer Studios. ENEMY FROM SPACE (aka QUATERMASS II ) is an atmospheric thriller not to be missed. Direceted by Val Guest, this all-ages black & white 1957 release is digitally remastered and offered regions-free on a sigle DVD-R disc in NTSC format, and should play on any standard DVD player. The feature runs 85 minutes, and as a special bonus, the disc also contains one full black & white episode of star BRIAN DONLEVY’S 1950’s international espionage television series, DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT.Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein DVD

Professor Frankenstein (WHIT BISSELL) coerces Dr. Karlton (ROBERT BURTON) into aiding him in hs plan to create a living being out of cadavers. His secretary anfd lover, Maragaret (PHYLLIS COATES) is suspicious of his activities and eventually learns his dark secret… the body parts are derived from teenage corpses. The professor is successful with the exception that his creation has a hideously scarred face. The monster goes out on his own to create fresh cadavers in hopes of a face transplant. Learning of the murders Margaret threatens to tell the police but Frankenstein feeds her to his pet crocodile kept in his basement to dispose of unwanted parts. Then things start to get gruesome. Also stars GARY CONWAY; produced by Herman Cohen and directed by Herebert L. Strock. This digitally remastered original 1957 release is in black & white, an all-ages, regions 74-minute feature presented in NTSC format, on a single DVD-R disc, and should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants entertainment in 2009.

The Deadly Mantis DVD

The classic 1950’s-era “giant bug” movie!! Freed from it’s arctic tomb, the gigantic, prehistoric terror known as The DEADLY MANTIS flies south to the US leaving death and destruction in it’s wake!! Can military forces, headed by CRAIG (Peter Gunn) STEVENS , aided by WILLIAM (Perry Mason’s Paul Drake) HOPPER stop this flying horror? Co-starring Alix Talton and Phil Harvey. Produced by William Alland and directed by Nathan Juran, this 1957 all-ages black & white feature runs 79 minutes, is digitally remastered, regions-free, and presented on a single DVD-R in NTSC format, and should play on any standard DVD player. As an extra added bonus, the disc features a full episode of the PETER GUNN television series, the classic TV private eye, as played by CRAIG STEVENS. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.

Creature With The Atom Brain DVD

A deported gangster returns with a criminal scientist who activates the bodies of dead men by implanting ATOM BRAINS!! These creatures are sent forth to kill all responsible for the gangster’s downfall. However a clever police scientist played by RICHARD DENNING is able to uncover this fantastic plot-but not before his best friend is transformed into a killer zombie!! Produced by Sam Katzman and directed by Edward L. Cahn, this sci-fi thriller is written by Curt Siodmak (The WOLFMAN, BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS ). The cast includes ANGELA STEVENS, S. JOHN LAUNER, TRITRAM COFFIN, GREGORY GAY, DON HARVEY and HARRY LAUTER. This 1955 all-ages black & white feature runs 70 minutes, and is hosted by LON MADNIGHT!! In addition, as an extra feature, the disc contains one full episode of the 1961 detective television series MICHAEL SHAYNE, starring RICHARD DENNING. Both feature and extra are digitally remastered, regions-free, and presented on a single DVD-R in NTSC format, and should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.

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