Aazurn Publishing reveals its 2014 lineup

by Jeff

aazurn_2014 Aazurn Publishing reveals its 2014 lineupMedia Release — Aazurn Publishing announces its 2014 lineup with three, choice books! Now you can afford to tell your comic shop, “Pull me all the Aazurn comics this year!”


First, Tom Arvis’ legendary hero and indie favorite Mercenary Pig is presented in one complete, FULL COLOR volume! Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter! is listed to order in February’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing.

A walking, talking, thinking, humanoid pig takes on animal cruelty, genetically modified pigs, and, ultimately, an evil food conglomerate. Don’t miss this pork-humor filled, action packed origin story!

Click here to see Percy the Pig’s hog heroics in this pulse-pounding preview video!


Next, comics’ finest indie anthology returns! Indie Comics Magazine #8 features 9 STORIES on 64 PAGES of glorious black and white! Pete (Waheela) LaDuke, Terry (Students of the Unusual) Cronin, Paul (Hierophantom) Bradford, and Derek (The Fuhrer’s Dagger) Adnams are joined by Mercenary Pig’s Tom Arvis and Aaron (Adventures of Aaron) Warner! Check out the killer cover by newcomer Alicia (Heavy Metal) Hollinger!

They said it couldn’t be done! Anthologies come and go, but our quality, originality and variety bring Indie Comics Magazine back again and again! This is a DIAMOND EXCLUSIVE, found only at your local or online comic shop! Order it in April’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing!


Then, comes the comic that John Jackson Miller calls, “a fun and fascinating walk through the history of comics retailing.” Number One is a done-in-one, FULL COLOR comic about the life and passions of a comic shop owner!

I’ll let Cliff Biggers, owner of Dr. No’s Comics, editor of Comic Shop News, and comic fanzine pioneer tell you about it while I stand aside and blush: “Number One (is) a moving story of the desire we all have to find a career that inspires us, rather than a job that just pays the bills. I hope everyone who’s ever worked in a comic shop, patronized a comic shop, or dreamed of owning a comic shop gives this book a read — they’ll be glad they did!”

Amazing art by Aaron (Adventures of Aaron) Warner captures the decades beautifully! It’s written, colored and lettered by me, a four year labor of love. Order it in June’s Previews!

Don’t be pulled into the next corporate mega-series! Support creators who are concerned with your reading satisfaction! Make 2014 the year of indie! “Pull me all the Aazurn comics this year!”

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