A Walk Through Comic History

by Matt Tuck

Captain-America-1-7.0-191x300 A Walk Through Comic HistoryLet the window shopping, drooling, and envy begin; there’s a tremendous auction with the holiest of grails that’s worth your time to peruse even if the prices are out of your league.

If you venture over to ComicConnect, you’ll find what is the biggest comic auction in the past year. Biggest may not even be the right word; this is massive, and there are hundreds of comics up for grabs. Essentially every holy grail that’s ever been printed is in this event auction. It’s something truly worth salivating over not just for the collecting but for the comics history found there.


Action-Comics-0.3-193x300 A Walk Through Comic HistoryThere’s an insanely low grade Action Comics #1 – it’s only the second page – that is currently at a high bid of $1,322. If you happen to have an extra $200,000 lying around, you can make a bid for Captain America #1 that is impressively graded at a 7.0.


Hulk-1-9.8-192x300 A Walk Through Comic HistoryLet’s face it – the average collector won’t be able to fork over the cash it will take to win a bid on a graded 9.8 Incredible Hulk #1. At the moment, the high bid sits at $10,000, and there is still a week left before it ends. Have you seen many 9.4 Daredevil #1s for sale? There’s one here that is currently at over $15k.

The fun is just watching these sales and seeing where they end up. (I’m also going to throw in a few curses of jealousy toward the winning bidders, but that’s just me.) There’s so much comic history floating around in this auction that glancing through the catalog is like taking a stroll through a comic museum.

Speaking of history, one of the original – if not THE original – comic publisher has a huge set up for grabs.

What’s a true rarity is the inclusion of the Centaur collection, and the ComicConnect event auction has every last issue for sale at one time.

What’s the big deal about Centaur Publications? According to the ComicConnect site, Centaur was among the first publisher to dedicate itself to printing comics. The company is credited with helping to establish the comic book format, and their heroes predate DC’s icons, Superman and Batman. In fact, Centaur’s the Clock has the distinction of being the original masked crimefighter. Among these rarities you’ll find Detective Picture Stories, which is said to be the first single genre title, according to the auction site.

Amazing-Mystery-Funnies-5-191x300 A Walk Through Comic HistoryThe grades for these is exceptional for golden age books. There’s an Amazing Mystery Funnies #5 that’s graded at an 8.5, and a 7.5 Amazing Man Comics #22. You may not have grown up a lifelong fan of these Centaur Comics, but these are so hard to find, particularly at these grades, that they’ll fetch high prices and will be interesting to see just how much they end up garnering.

In all, this will be a major auction that will help set the market for some huge key issues. Most of us may not be able to enter into the bidding wars, but as a collector you should keep track of this aptly named event auction. And if you end up buying one of these holy grails, know that I will be cursing you.


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