A trilogy begins in HANS VOGEL IS DEAD VOLUME 1

by Charles LePage

Death will only be the beginning of the story in HANS VOGEL IS DEAD VOLUME 1.

The press release follows:

Media Release — Coming soon from Dark Horse Books is Hans Vogel is Dead Volume 1, the first book in a new trilogy by historian-turned-cartoonist Sierra Barnes (Glory, Ecaterina Teodoroiu). Originally debuting as a webcomic, then on Kickstarter and eventually Cast Iron Books in the UK, this anti-fascist fairytale focuses on the importance of recognizing past wrongs. The first paperback volume will feature new cover art as well as an expanded sketchbook section.

hansvogel A trilogy begins in HANS VOGEL IS DEAD VOLUME 1

It’s the height of WWII, and the Nazi forces are driving through Europe. Decorated German fighter pilot Hans Vogel follows orders and doesn’t ask questions. It’s worked out well for him… so far. But when his plane is shot down in the middle of an air raid over London, he is dead before he hits the ground. And that’s only the beginning of his problems.

“Hans Vogel is a passion project that I’ve poured so much love, research, and work into over the last few years, and I can hardly believe how lucky I am to see this weird little webcomic get set loose on the world!” said Sierra Barnes. “I’m so thankful to everyone who read and supported Hans and Reineke in their journey over the years, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to see them continue to grow and their adventure keep going. Thank you, thank you all!”

Hans Vogel is Dead Volume 1 will be available in comic shops September 20, 2023 and in book stores September 19, 2023. It is now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at your local comic shop and bookstore.

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Praise for Sierra Barnes:

“Hans Vogel is Dead features some extremely spooky art, drawing inspiration from fairy tales and history and then cranking the horror elements all the way up to the max.” –Comics Beat

081722C5-1 A trilogy begins in HANS VOGEL IS DEAD VOLUME 1

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