A Tale of Two Spider-Men

by Michael Vlachakis

132879_80bf298de9fb8ea4b4ee06d0860620921e3ca78a-201x300 A Tale of Two Spider-Men

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. With the recent news of a divorce between Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), speculators were left wondering “what web-slinging trajectory will this character take?”.  If you try to think back to the last of the Sony produced Spider-Man movies, you will probably notice that there is a mental block on all of those relative disasters. This is because Marvel got the rights to Spider-Man, cast Tom Holland perfectly, and threw him into the MCU to give Tony Stark some heart..and we were all content.  So are we to believe that Sony is going to fully learn from their past mistakes and do right by Spider-Man? Thankfully after drafting this article, it seems like Spider-Man will stay in the MCU!

With all the news of a new Spider-Man Universe being developed at Sony, the fact that they needed the actual character to make this entire plan feasible was never really discussed much.  For a second, it looked like Sony had fixed the glitch somehow, as they could now develop their own Spider-Man Universe for the purpose of…introducing Spider-Man again!…due to the split with Marvel.  But it looks like the powers-that-be at Sony got smart and squashed that idea and instead decided to profit off of Marvel’s version, preventing internally destroying the web crawler and continuing a great MCU run for the character.

Recently, I wrote an article here which noted the potential for Madame Web and it looks like those speculators that believed in Madame Web may see their investments gain value, but with a twist.  It will not come from Marvel’s main Disney branch or even as a supporting character in a movie…Madame Web may be turned into a stand-alone movie in the “Spider-Man Universe” over at Sony.  As always, my first thought is “why are they going to let Jared Leto ruin Morbius” but then I move onto constructive and on-topic thoughts like “how is a Madame Web movie actually going to play out for fans and newcomers?”  Madame Web is a complex character, but she is mostly a spiritual and metaphysical guide for Peter Parker.  So how does her role play out sans Spider-Man?  And do I care to watch it without him?  There is much desire from these companies to “develop” the character prior to featuring them in an ensemble cast.  The most blatant example is Captain Marvel who now seems like she was forced so I could get Carol with a new hairdo in End Game.  To me, she did not feel critical to Marvel until they needed her to be.  Madame Web, Morbius, and even Venom to a degree should not exist without the idea of Spider-Man to fall back on.

Either way, prices are going up as speculators hope to hit on the next big thing. 9.8 graded copies of Amazing Spider-Man #210 are continuing to increase with every offering on the market.  With the announcement of a potential Madame Web movie, 6 copies were sold off eBay in a few hours.  The market is taking rumors of a stand-alone Madame Web movie positively, for now.  Remember, we have seen the hype machine drive up prices for no concrete reason just to see prices hammered when the reality of a situation hits.  If you tracked prices on the Amazing Spider-Man #212 over the past year, you will see a perfect example of hype without substance.

Are you glad to see Spider-Man back in the MCU?  Is there a stand-alone character movie that you are really hoping to see? (Silver Sable, Rocket Racer, etc?)  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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robcollects October 3, 2019 - 9:13 am

I bought a 9.6 CGC graded ASM 210 after reading your first article on Madame Web. Thanks for that! I Paid $130 on ebay at the time.

I thought like you she could appear in a spidey move. I don’t understand how they can do a standalone movie with her? She didn’t even have her own comic run. I think it would be cool if she should up in the comics to help spidey out from time to time but an own movie? I don’t see it.


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