A Squared, Archie, Pow! team up for STAN LEE COMICS

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LaserLord A Squared, Archie, Pow! team up for STAN LEE COMICSMedia Release — A Squared Entertainment (A2), a full-service brand entertainment company, and Archie Comics, the leading producer of comic book entertainment, announced today an exciting collaboration with Stan Lee, founder, chairman and chief creative officer (CCO) of POW! Entertainment (PK:POWN), to create a new print and digital comic book line from the most successful comic book entertainment producer of all time. Lee is also known as the co-creator of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and Iron Man, among many others.

Scheduled for release first is a new, original multimedia series called “Super Seven” to be distributed in print, online, on air and at retail. It’s the story about seven aliens who find themselves stranded on planet Earth after their spaceship crashes, only to be befriended by none other than Lee himself. Taking them under his care, Lee becomes their leader and enables them to resume their lives as superheroes on earth.

“A2 Entertainment is humbled and honored to be collaborating with such a legendary figure in the entertainment industry,” A2 Entertainment Co-Founder and CEO Andy Heyward says. “Stan Lee has been delivering groundbreaking entertainment to consumers for decades and we couldn’t be more excited to venture into the digital space together and introduce him to a new generation of fans.”

“Stan Lee is a global icon. He has single handedly changed modern entertainment. His legendary creations are timeless,” says Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “Archie Comics is incredibly proud to be working with Stan Lee in publishing ‘Super Seven’.”

“Nothing is more exciting to me, as a writer, than creating a new type of story or introducing a new theme. Although I’ve briefly appeared in other comics, ‘Super Seven’ is the first time that I’ll actually be a continuing character in a far-out, original superhero series,” says POW! Chairman and Founder Stan Lee. “Having been a fan of the Archie Comics line for many decades, it’s a real kick to have this opportunity to help them launch my new, highly-stylized superhero saga which we’ll soon bequeath to a grateful public.”

Gill Champion, POW!’s President and COO says, “Working with Archie Comics and A2 Entertainment provides us with another unique opportunity to further extend the Stan Lee POW! brand internationally through a diverse combination of distribution opportunities.”

Walt Disney Studios entered into a first-look deal with POW! and has a number of projects in development with the company and has also been working closely with the world-renowned Lee.

“Super Seven” is expected to debut in fall 2010 in digital, print and broadcast.

About A Squared Entertainment (A2) LLC

A Squared Entertainment (A2) is a full-service brand entertainment company that creates, develops, produces, programs, markets, merchandises and distributes content across all channels: online, offline, on-air and at retail outlets.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, A2 Entertainment was created by Co-Presidents Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan Heyward in 2009. Having spent the last quarter of a century in the kids industry, the two created A2 Entertainment with a mission to develop meaningful entertainment in various formats and recreate the way brands are managed and brought to market in a multimedia, multi-tasking world. A2 Entertainment is currently producing the “Secret Millionaire’s Club” with billionaire Warren Buffett, “Gisele & the Green Team” with supermodel Gisele Bündchen and “Martha & Friends” with American media mogul and business magnate Martha Stewart.

About Archie Comics

The Archie Comics line of comic books is one of the most successful, longest running brands in the history of the comic industry. Archie Comics have sold 1.5 billion comics and are published in a dozen different foreign languages and distributed all over the world. Archie Comics has spawned characters whose popularity has spilled over into other media and who have become part of popular culture. SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS are just some of the many legendary franchises that are part of the Archie Comics Library.


An advanced media and entertainment company, POW! was founded by Stan Lee, together with award winning producer Gill Champion and intellectual property attorney Arthur Lieberman, Esq., to create, produce and license original intellectual properties. POW! Specializes in franchises for the entertainment industry, including animation and live-action feature films, plus television, DVDs, video games, merchandising and related ancillary markets, all of which contribute to global expansion.

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