A Hunger For Galactus

by Douglas Ohlandt

Hunger-for-300x157 A Hunger For GalactusAs rumors continue to swirl about the pending inclusion of the Fantastic Four in the MCU, those rumors have stretched and grown to include potential nemeses that could be included.  Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Super Skrull, and Annihilus have all been mentioned.  But perhaps no name looms larger than Galactus as a full-on MCU-wide threat.  This in turn has caused speculation on Galactus appearances in Marvel Comics to increase.

The Galactus Trilogy

Galactus’s first appearance in the original trilogy – Fantastic Four #48, Fantastic Four #49, and Fantastic Four #50 (March-Fantastic-Four-49 A Hunger For GalactusMay, 1966) – have been considered key issues nearly since their publication, and have been priced higher as a result.  In fact, a purchase of the three issues in a CGC grade of 9.8 would set you back $228,000 right now, and prices continue to rise.  Fortunately, there are many other key appearances to consider.  As you might expect, these are much more affordable than the original Galactus trilogy.  Let’s take a look.

Second StoryFantastic-Four-75 A Hunger For Galactus

It would be nearly two years before Galactus’ second story arc in the pages of Fantastic Four.  Fantastic Four #74, #75, #76, & #77  mark the return of the planet eater in a story that also includes the Silver Surfer and the second appearance of Psycho-Man (first appearing in Fantastic Four Annual #5).  9.8 graded copies of the set are valued at $17,550.  But a look at the 6.0 grades shows values in the $270 range for all four issues. This is a much more affordable proposition for a second appearance.

Thor-168 A Hunger For GalactusThe Origin of Galactus

Marvel clearly knew they were onto something with Galactus. Less than six months later we find the third story arc featuring the breaker of worlds in Thor #160, #161, #162, #168, and #169.  In many respects, these could be considered more valuable issues than the second Galactus story arc in FF. The origin of Galactus is spread across issues #162, #168, and #169.  The value for all five issues in a 9.8 grade is currently at $14,300, while a 6.0 grade set comes in at $445.  If you’re looking for an even more affordable reprint option with Galactus’ origin in one comic, Super-Villain Classics #1 is worth looking into – $180/9.8; $24/6.0.

Thor-225 A Hunger For GalactusKey Herald Appearances

Of course, with Galactus also comes his heralds, those who seek out worlds for his insatiable hunger.  Besides the well-known Silver Surfer – first appearing in Fantastic Four #48 – other first appearances to consider include Fantastic Four #120 with the first appearance of Gabriel the Air-Walker; Thor #225 – the first appearance of Firelord; Fantastic Four #211 – the first appearance of Terrax; and Fantastic Four #244 with the first appearance of the Frankie Raye version of Nova.

FF-243 A Hunger For GalactusIn fact, the John Byrne Galactus trilogy in Fantastic Four #242, #243, & #244 could be of particular note for those speculating on Galactus in the MCU as it is the first time we see the Fantastic Four joined by the likes of the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Daredevil to counter the planet-wide threat that Galactus – and his heralds – represent.  So, if you’re hungry for Galactus and find the original trilogy to be five-star dining, this list represents some tasty, more affordable morsels to consider.

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dave stevens March 5, 2021 - 12:40 pm

You forgot that he appears in Thor 134, which is also the first appearance of the High Evolutionary. Whoops.

Douglas Ohlandt March 8, 2021 - 1:51 pm

Dave, thanks for pointing that out. While I knew about Thor 134 I chose to keep it out. Thor appears in a full page panel on page 3 and it always struck me that Stan made Jack put it in there. Jack responded by submitting a full page panel, in essence telling Stan, “Fine. You want Galactus. Here’s a full page spread. Now pay me my page rate for one panel.” I didn’t feel it was that important for a collector as it’s a gratuitous cameo. Great, desirable issue, though – no denying that.


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