A Graphic Novel For Lincoln’s 200th Birthday

by Jeff

February 12, 2009, is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. For everyone interested in the sixteenth president, NBM Publishing brings back to press Rick Geary’s THE MURDER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, volume 7 of Geary’s TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER series. Geary reveals that assassin John Wilkes Booth worked with a group of Southern sympathizers out to kill not just the President but much of the executive branch. He also details the flight of the culprits and the hot pursuit of federal agents.

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“Filled with rich detail and told with the tightness of a thriller. Makes for a remarkably entertaining and compact work of historical comix.” — TIME.comix

“Where Geary excels in MURDER [is] in his searing portrayal of the fanatic Booth (clearly, the man knows his sociopaths) and the smaller details surrounding the soon-to-be-murdered Lincoln’s personal life.” — The Comics Journal

“With his elegant pen-and-ink art and knack for sifting memorable and unusual details from history, Geary renders this familiar true story in riveting and thorough detail.” — Publishers Weekly

“Beautifully drawn in a flowing pen-and-ink style that captures time, place, and emotion with seeming effortlessness.” — Comics Buyer’s Guide

“This book will have even reluctant readers immersed in history.” — School Library Journal

“Geary’s meticulous research and detailed drawing illuminates facts that might not be known.” — VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

“The pen-and-ink art is realistic and the narrative concise, with intriguing details scattered throughout.” — College & Research Libraries News

The 80-page, 6” x 9” book with black-and-white art is available as a jacketed hardcover (ISBN 1-56163-425-5) for $15.95 and a trade paperback (ISBN 1-56163-426-3) for $9.95.


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