A Death in the Family

by Ariel Lazo

Batman-638-2nd-print-JT-201x300 A Death in the FamilyWith new blood taking the reins of the Batman Movie legacy, new arcs and heroes will soon see the big screen. Matt Reeves is directing and producing the next film to star our caped crusader, but this time he will be taking a more classic role of the world’s greatest detective. Reeves has stated he will be bringing older storylines into the mix including the Rogue’s Gallery and has teased a possible Red Hood in the future. Want the scoop? Keep Reading!


batman_428-196x300 A Death in the FamilyBatman has had many Robins by his side, but none so iconic as Jason Todd. Dick Greyson, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne have all been Robin at one point but none have endured what Jason has. Believe it or not THE FANS killed Jason! At the end of Book 3 of A Death in the Family (Batman #428) the fans were given a choice, let Robin live or have him die at the hands of the Joker, guess what they chose? (I think the title kinda gives it away) But his death wasn’t a simple one, the Joker brutally beat him with a crowbar, then blew him and his mother up!

An anti-hero as skilled as Batman and maybe even more cunning takes to the streets. Seeing him on the big screen would be phenomenal! Even Jensen Ackles, who voiced the Red Hood in the animated movie has donned the costume for Halloween, showing the world how much he wants to be the real Red Hood.

For the best keys to get, I have made a list below. Some of these keys have seen spikes and some have remained the same for now. Regardless Jason Todd is due his time.



batman_408-192x300 A Death in the Family

batman_357-194x300 A Death in the Family

Origin Books

FIRST, I have to say, these are not his first appearances by a long shot. But this is his new origin story. Prior to this, Jason Todd had the same story as Dick Greyson. He pretty much seemed like a cheap knock off and us fans are not stupid, we know lazy writing when we see it. In Batman #408-#409, Jason gets a very much needed new back story. This back story features Batman actually LAUGHING! Something the Justice League dedicates one day a year to do and have always failed! Here Jason is found by Batman after, get this, he steals the wheels of the Batmobile. The balls on this kid! After a talk and some time, Jason Todd comes to live with Bruce, marking the beginning of his journey. If you need to have his first appearance (which is a really good key, 2nd app. of Killer Croc) it is Batman #357. Both very cheap to still get.


batman_635-196x300 A Death in the Family

batman_638a-194x300 A Death in the Family

First Red Hood Appearance

In Batman #635 we see Batman getting a taste of his own medicine by a Red Hooded assailant. During their fight, Batman gets unmasked and to make things fair the Red Hood unmasks himself. To Batman’s surprise in Batman #638 its revealed that the Red Hood is none other than Jason Todd! The new criminal named the Red Hood gathers all the gang leaders and make them a deal they can’t refuse. The gangs are to pay Red Hood for protection against Batman and Black Mask and are not allowed to sell drugs to kids. At first, they did not like this deal till Red Hood throws a duffel bag full of the heads of their lieutenants on a table, Red Hood states that this is what he can do in 2 hours, imagine a whole night. This comic may not be spiking but it has maintained its value for years with a 9.8 holding at $200 FMV.


Resurrection of Jason Todd and Origin of Red Hoodbatman_annual_25-196x300 A Death in the Family

In Batman Annual #25 we get the full story of how Jason Todd was resurrected. Like everything in comics, what dies never stays dead, and Jason was no exception. After Super-Boy Prime alters reality by punching holes in the time stream, Jason Todd, 6 months after his death, lives once again but still not healed, waking up in his own coffin. Ra’s al-Ghul manages to get to him back to his compound, where after many failed attempts to regain his memory, is thrown in the infamous Lazarus Pit by Talia al-Ghul. Now fully healed and memory intact he learns that the man who took his life, the man that killed a member of the Bat-Family is still alive left unchecked to cause continuous mayhem. Feeling betrayed by Batman for not avenging his death and fueled by rage and revenge he sets his eye on Batman and Joker, donning his killers original moniker the Red Hood. At $75 FMV for a GRADED 9.8, you can’t go wrong with this book. The story is iconic and the cover is simply beautiful. You also truly see the amount of respect that Ra has for his old student Batman when he talks about Jason saying, “He will be cared for. And kept. Protected and sheltered out of respect for his mentor… and his present caretaker.” What can I say, regardless of it all Ra’s is a man of honor.


Now that I have armed you with these great keys, get your butt in gear and grab these while they are still cheap. With the hints we got in BvS showing the tattered Robin costume and celebs like Ackles and Reeves showing interest, it’s only time before hits theaters.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or critiques please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Till next time, Happy Hunting!

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