A Big-Screen Flashpoint Batman, Anyone?

by Matt Tuck

671195_54b0053a6de9083f4b737e0117f40e99ac20ba41-195x300 A Big-Screen Flashpoint Batman, Anyone?

Fans and critics might be divided over the Justice League movie, but there’s no arguing that it has been an epic box office flop, so much so that it’s put the DC Extended Universe in jeopardy. However, that doesn’t mean Warner Brothers is finished with the DCEU; if rumors are true, it’s going to be getting a significant makeover.

Enter: Flashpoint.

WB and DC revealed this summer that the Flash’s solo movie will be titled “Flashpoint.” As with all things Hollywood and comics, the rumor mill has been churning the waters. The latest rumor is that WB will use an adaptation of the Flashpoint story from 2011 to more or less reboot the DCEU in the wake of Justice League’s failings at the box office. If that rumor pans out, guess who could be showing up on silver screens? The Punisher-esque Flashpoint Batman!

That being said, here’s your shopping list for the Batman Knight of Vengeance.

FLASHPOINT #1 (2011)

First of all, let’s establish that this is the second Flash story titled Flashpoint. The first one was published in 1999 and isn’t related to the 2011 storyline of the same name. What would be truly heartbreaking is if WB decides to use the old version of Flashpoint as the basis for the proposed movie.

Flashpoint gave us a complete reboot of the DCU just six years ago, dubbed the New 52. While that was deemed an overall mistake and things were reset with the more popular DC: Rebirth, Flashpoint is not without its gems, most notably its version of Batman, who made his first appearance at the end of Flashpoint #1. As we’ve seen with the popularity of this year’s breakout new character, the Batman Who Laughs, DC fans love their alternate versions of the Dark Knight.

When it comes to the speculation market, Flashpoint #1 has proven to be the most rewarding of all the Flashpoint titles. While most issues connected to the series sell for no more than $20, a CGC 9.6 Flashpoint #1 one earned a $125 pricetag as recently as July.


Of all the things to come out of Flashpoint’s alternate timeline, this rendition of Batman is by far the most popular. In Flashpoint, when the Waynes were mugged in Crime Alley (Seriously, who would go for a stroll down a place officially named Crime Alley? That’s asking for trouble.), it was Bruce who was murdered. Thomas Wayne survived but was so emotionally scarred that he became an ultra-violent Batman while Martha Wayne became a female version of the Joker.

Not many graded copies of BKV #1 have been sold. The last recorded sale was for $100 in 2013, and it was a CGC Signature Series 9.8 signed by cover artist Dave Johnson. If you search eBay, you’ll find copies range anywhere from $10-$20 for an ungraded first print.

As a side note, BKV #3 is actually the most valuable. The team at ComicBookRealm.com have a raw, NM copy valued at $25 as opposed to BKV #1, which they price at $10 for the same grade. My guess is that this is due to issue number three having a smaller print run and being slightly harder to find than its predecessors.

We don’t know how the Flashpoint movie will shake down. Remember when we all got excited about the CW’s Flash television show announced Flashpoint episodes? Remember how disappointing it was when we saw how it was vaguely related to the Flashpoint we wanted? That could happen again.

However, if WB announces that we’ll get a Thomas Wayne Batman (remember that the Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Thomas Wayne in Batman v. Superman, and he would make a convincing Flashpoint Batman), then BKV will blow up. Let the speculation begin!


Back in the spring, “The Button” storyline was THE story in mainstream comics. Although the New 52 became a relic of the past after DC: Rebirth #1 was published, fans were treated to a surprise guest appearance in the pages of Batman #22 – Batman Knight of Vengeance from Flashpoint.

Although he seemingly died when his timeline was erased in Batman #23, these two issues established him in the normal DC comics universe, and there’s nothing that says that Geoff Johns and the DC braintrust can’t resurrect him.

Like all of the Batman and Flash issues from the Button story, Batman #23 has dropped significantly in value. In June, a graded 9.8 copy of the lenticular cover sold for $75. Skip forward three months, and another 9.8 lenticular cover brought only $31.06 at auction. If you don’t already have a copy of Batman #22, then this is good news because you can get yours on the cheap.

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