7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 Movers

by Cassaundra Thomas

7.9-M_L-FB 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 Movers

Another week of big-time movers on GoCollect’s Hottest Comics list. Let’s speculate some of the biggest movers!

GoCollect’s Hottest Comics

Every week, GoCollect updates its Hottest Comics page. Here, you can see the most active graded comics that are sold in the marketplace and graded by either CGC or CBCS. You can flip through pages of all the comics and see their standing. For this speculation blog, however, we are going to look at the biggest movers in the top 100. This is the third installment, you can check out the first one here and the second one here. As you read through, let me know your speculations in the comments!

up1-198x300 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 MoversAliens #1

Aliens #1 is our top mover this week going up by 976 spots! At the time of writing this, the FMV for a 9.8 is $625. The trend for a 9.2 graded comic increased by a whopping 206.1%. Other grades have increased as well, a 9.6 went up 49% while an 8.5 went up 32.2%. 15 copies of Aliens #1 have sold this month alone… and we’re only 9 days in! Last month only 2 had sold. That is a big-time change for this comic. 

From what I could find there are a couple possibilities as to why this jump occurred. First, on July 2nd, Gale Force 9 announced a 3 box tabletop game set would be available for pre-order. While that could bring some potential buyers to the market, what I think is more likely is the Marvel announcement. On July 2nd as well, Marvel announced that they will be launching new comics for 3 franchises, Predator, Aliens, and Aliens vs Predator in 2021. Lots of speculation has been erupting since that announcement. As everyone knows, Marvel is owned by Disney. It’s been rumored since 2019 that Disney has been wanting to reboot the Alien’s franchise. With Marvel announcing new comics for Aliens and Predator is it really that big of a leap to expect that Disney is going to do something with them as well? They have been adding a lot of Marvel content to their Disney+ platform, maybe there is a series being talked about or a new movie?

up2-204x300 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 MoversHawkman #4

Hawkman #4 is in the second place spot this week moving 973 spaces. Nearly twice as many copies sold this month already than in the whole month of June – and I’ll repeat, we’re only 9 days in! The current FMV for a 9.6 is $6,500. The trend for almost all the grade has increased. The biggest moves are 9.0 and 4.5 which have both increased by 33% and a 2.5 is now trending 40.7% higher as well. 

So what’s the deal with the movement? Hawkman #4 is the first appearance and origin of Zatanna. If you haven’t heard yet, there are tons of articles that have sprouted over the last week that Warner Brothers are moving forward with a film that centers around Zatanna. In fact, in a since-deleted tweet, comic writer, Gail Simone, confirmed by responding with a simple “yep”. This seems to be enough for many online blogs and articles to confirm what hasn’t been officially announced yet. What do you think? Will Zatanna get a stand-alone film? Or is this all mixed up information surrounding the Justice League Dark series that is heading to HBO Max?

up3-197x300 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 Movers

Amazing Spider-Man #299

Amazing Spider-Man #299 is third in the line up by jumping 922 places. While there haven’t been major increases in the purchasing of the comic like the previous two, the trends for this issue has increased. Most notably, 8.0 has increased by 66%. From what I could find – what makes Amazing Spider-Man #299 a key issue is that it’s (arguably) the first appearance of Venom in costume. Although it is only a cameo, it still makes it a popular comic to get a hold of. 

While there haven’t been too many rumors or additional speculations circulating about this issue necessarily, there are many speculations on Venom: Let There be Carnage and “what we know so far” articles have been circulating last week. Maybe that sparked people’s interest in some key issues? But – if that were truly the case, why was Venom 3 (3rd Printing) on the loser list this week? Possibly the others on this are simply bigger hitters this week? While Aliens, Hawkman, and Warrior Nun (you’ll see) have proven to be highly talked about and proven their place on the big mover’s list, I just don’t see why this issue, and the next for that matter, has jumped 900 places on the list. What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.

up4-195x300 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 Movers

Wolverine #8

Wolverine #8 has jumped 920 spots this week. The trend of the comic has also been increasing. 9.8 increased by 43.4% and 9.0 by 23.6%. I can’t find any significant difference in the purchases though as I did Aliens #1 and Hawkman #4 apart from that. As I mentioned with Amazing Spider-Man #299, I simply don’t see why this issue is on the biggest movers list. Other than being a cool cover and interesting storyline of the Grey Hulk… Let me know! What made this comic jump 920 spots?

up5-193x300 7.9 Hottest Comics Top 5 Movers

Warrior Nun Areala #1

In the last place moving up 919 spaces on the Top 100 Hottest Comics list is Warrior Nun Areala #1. 9 copies have sold in these first 9 days of the month versus the 4 from the entire month of June. An FMV of a 9.8 is at $375 which isn’t too bad. The trends have also been increasing for this comic. Most notably, la 9.2 has increased 118.9% and a 9.6 went up 75.2%. Many people were out looking for this comic last week.

July 2nd was a great day for comic lovers apparently. On July 2nd, Warrior Nun was released on Netflix as a series loosely based on Warrior Nun Areala. A second season has already been confirmed. Although people knew that the series was coming out, people may have waited to see if the series was a good adaptation before purchasing their copies. While it’s on my list to binge, I haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet. Reviews seem high, though. So people may have realized how bingeable the series was and found value in owning a graded copy of this comic in the hopes of it becoming a multi-seasoned hit similar to Game of Thrones.

Hottest Comics Top 5 Losers

I haven’t been including this, but I think it’s worth reviewing this week. I’m not going to go into detail on each one – but feel free to duke out your speculations on why these comics are on the losing list this week. 

  1. Moving down 94 spots, going from the 7th place spot all the way down to the number 99 space, Amazing Spider-man #4. This is the biggest drop I’ve seen on the top 100 Hottest Comics… I mean, there isn’t much further to go.
  2. Moving 64 spaces, Tales of the Teen Titans #44.
  3. Going down 53 spaces to land in the 100th spot, Edge of Spider-Verse #2.
  4. Moving 44 places is Venom #3 (3rd Printing).
  5. Lastly, moving 43 places is X-Men #121. Speculation around the new X-Men has been dwindling, and after seeing the activity this past week, it doesn’t surprise me that this dropped slightly. 

Hottest Comics Top 5 Biggest Movers Wrap Up

Well, there you have it. Another week of biggest movers speculation. This week was a lot easier than last week – yet still had its challenges with a couple of them. What did I miss? Let me know in the comments! 

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Miguel July 9, 2020 - 8:37 pm

Great article Cassaundra. I think there are rumors of Patch in the MCU, so sales for Wolverine #8 might have increased because of that reason. Also Madripor will be introduced in the Falcon & Winter Soldier series on Disney+

Cassaundra Thomas July 10, 2020 - 12:07 pm

Ahhh, thank you! That would explain it.

AlgonWolf July 10, 2020 - 10:13 am

Informative and useful column, thanks. What would make the “hottest 100” link really useful is if we could sort the columns to give the following information “number of places moved up since last week”, “number of places moved down from last week”, “largest FMV gain / lost”. That would be REALLY useful Speculator information. Thanks.

Cassaundra Thomas July 10, 2020 - 12:15 pm

That’s great feedback! I will bring it back to the team and see about those ideas. The Hottest Comics list is generated by the number of graded comics sold. The more that are sold the higher they rank on the Hottest Comics list. The FMV and values tend to go up or down in correlation to how many sold, but the list doesn’t track that. Again, I’ll bring this up and see what can be done as I agree – that is very useful.

Phil Pyle July 12, 2020 - 12:43 pm

Thanks for the info, I just sold my two raw Aliens #1 within 12 hours of posting on E-Bay. Anyone who has a LCS or small business on the internet needs to pay attention to these blogs daily for some great insight!


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