7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

by Cassaundra Thomas

Hottest-Comics-Biggest-Movers 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

Each week, GoCollect updates its Hottest Comics List. We know which ones jumped the most. So, now it’s time to speculate on why.

Hottest Comics Top Ten

  1. Ultimate Fallout #4
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #361
  3. Venom #3
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #300
  5. The Savage She-Hulk #1
  6. Venom #3 (3rd Printing)
  7. The Eternals #1
  8. Venom #9
  9. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1
  10. Darth Vader #3

Hottest Comics Biggest Movers

JSA Secret Files

Secret-JSA-194x300 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers UpdateOur biggest mover this week is JSA Secret Files #1. Moving 937 spots, JSA has landed in spot #63. 9 graded copies sold last week versus the 1 for the first two weeks of July. The highest sold was 9.8 for $128. The top three grades have all increased in price with the demand. Most notably, a 9.4 value increased by 178%. Tons of these are on the market right now raw. This may be a good investment to get raw then grade it out.

So why were people hopping on the JSA bandwagon last week? Well, it was announced that Noah Centineo will be playing Atom Smasher in Dwane “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adom. Black Adom is a spinoff of Shazam. While the character, Albert Rothstein, first appeared in a 1983 comic All-Star Squadron #25, his alter was Nuklon, not Atom Smasher. The first appearance of Albert Rothstein as Atom Smasher is in JSA Secret Files #1. A couple people did seek out All-Star, but not noticeably different than other weeks. Right now the movie is scheduled to be released in December of 2021.

What are your thoughts on the casting so far? Noah Centineo commonly plays a teenage heartthrob. Most notable would be To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Perfect Date, and the TV series The Fosters. Do you think he can pull off the bulky Atom Smasher?

New Mutants

New-Mutants-194x300 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers UpdateClimbing the list up 927 spots is The New Mutants #14. 7 graded copies sold last week compared to the 2 the week before, and the 2 before that. The highest sold for $339 and was a 9.8. Looking at the CGC Census, there are more 9.6 than 9.8 so the value being that high makes sense.

The New Mutants preview hit YouTube from the 20th Century Studio channel where they also announced an at home panel for TODAY, Thursday, July 23rd. After watching the trailer to me the build-up was to the “He’s right, it’s magic” line leading into the girl saying “So am I” and with a flash of her eyes, the action begins. Clearly, the character is Illyana Rasputin as Magik. The New Mutants #14 is the first appearance of Magik. Anya Taylor-Joy is the actress who will be playing Magik alongside Maisie Williams a Wolfsbane. Although we’ve known this for some time, the new trailer most likely sparked interest, yet again, with the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel for this film.

Let’s be real though. Will we ever be able to see this film? The first preview came out in 2017! It already got delayed a few times before COVID shut everything down. Commenters pointed out that on the new trailer they didn’t include the date on the release, mentioning that only in the read more section.

Marvel Feature

The-Defenders-199x300 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

Moving up 923 spots this week is Marvel Feature #1. 7 have sold in the past week compared to the other 2 for the first two weeks of July. The highest one from the last week was a 9.0 that sold for $350. The FMV for a 9.8 is $4,900. Makes sense as according to the CGC Census there are only 13 9.8s out there right now. Three of those being in the signature series. Of the 12 grades that sold over the last 8 months, 6 values increased while the other 6 decreased. 9.6 decreased by 42% while 8.0 increased by 33.9%.

Marvel Feature #1 is the first appearance of the Defenders as Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk. There was a Marvel auction last week auctioning off props from the TV series, The Defenders. However, those characters weren’t the ones featured in this issue. A week ago, an article came out speculating about Sub-Mariner being in Doctor Strange 2… That would be 2/3s of the original team which may have driven enough people to seek this issue out.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!




Deadpool-197x300 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers UpdateDeadpool #1 moved up the list 914 spots. 9 graded copies have sold this month so far when only 9 sold for the whole month of June. The highest sold was a 9.8 that sold for $219. Out of the 7 grades that have sold recently, 5 increased. Most notable was 8.0 whose value increased by 89.7%.

Deadpool #1 has a decent list of first appearances. You’ve got T-Ray, Blind Al, and Patch. It’s also the issue where  Joe Kelly starts his run. All of that being said… I can’t find anything in the new streams that would connect to why this issue jumped so high on the list. Ryan Reynolds did share the almost used costume for Deadpool 2 last week. Something else that has seen a lot of press within the last week was a statement made by Rob Liefeld.

“You know what? There may not be another Deadpool, and I’m fine.”

Maybe with enough of that talk, people were inclined to take the plunge and purchase this issue. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Detective Comics

Detective-Comics-194x300 7.23 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers UpdateMoving up 910 spots is Detective Comics #880. 14 have sold this month so far with the highest one being a 9.8 going for $630. All of the grades that have recent sales have increased. It is widely agreed that this issue is one of Jock’s most popular cover art. Even though it is from 2011, the value is pretty decent due to the low print rate.

So why did it jump so much? The only thing I can really find about this issue is the artist, Jock, participated in the #ComicsWritersChallenge. The challenge was started by Gail Simone. She tweeted:

“I challenge [writers]… take a piece that has special meaning to you and auction it off… for #BLM,”

In his own response to the challenge, Jock announced that he’d be auctioning his screen print of Detective Comics #880. That was announced a month ago though. I believe enough people saw this, didn’t win the bid, so they went out in search of one for their own collection. There is also a lot of talk about “The Joker War“. Enough hype around this could have people seeking out iconic Joker covers, and this one is pretty cool!



Hottest Comics Biggest Losers

I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you in on the “losers” of the week. Here are the top 5 comics whose purchase rate of graded comics declined compared to the previous week.

Down 83 – The Inhumans #5

Down 59 – Batman #89

Down 49 – Amazing Spider-man #4 (Ramos Var)

Down 45 – The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 – This one was a big mover last week!

Down 36 – Spider-Man #1


That’s it for this week’s Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update and Speculation. As always, please let me know what I’m missing in the comments. Let me know – did you purchase one of these comics? Or did you already have one?


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