7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

by Cassaundra Thomas

7.16-M_L-FB 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

Each week, GoCollect updates its Hottest Comics List. We know which ones jumped the most. So, now it’s time to speculate on why.

Before we jump in, I want to explain what this list is. It’s not the top valued or even the highest FMV. It’s created by tracking the number of graded comics. The more that get sold, the higher in the list it goes. So when I talk about the biggest movers and losers – I’m referring to the ones that have jumped up the list the most (movers) and the ones that dropped the most (losers) within the top 100 spots. First, let’s talk about the overall top 10 Hottest Comics. If you like this, check out last week’s.

Hottest Comics Top 10

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #361
  2. Ultimate Fallout #4
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #300
  4. Venom #3
  5. The Inhumans #5
  6. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8
  7. The New Mutants #98
  8. Spawn #1
  9. Star Wars #1
  10. The Savage She-Hulk #1

Hottest Comics Biggest Movers

The following information is valid at the time of writing – Wednesday, July 15th.

    up-196x300 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers UpdateBlack Widow

Black Widow #1 jumped a whopping 963 spots landing in the #36 spot. 11 have sold this month alone, versus the 3 from last month. In fact, this month it sold for as high as $250. Last month you could get it for as low as $115. The values for the Black Widow has increased as well. 9.8 increased by 51%, 9.6 increased by 15%, and 9.4 increased by 19.4%.

Well, it was discovered that there is going to be a new Black Widow – Yelena Belova. In Black Widow #1, Yelena shadows Natasha as they track down a bioweapon. Could we see a similar plotline in Phase Four’s Black Widow movie? People seem to think that the torch is getting passed on so that the character, Black Widow, can continue to exist in the Marvel Universe. What do you think I guess we will have to wait and see in November!

Swamp Thing

upp-195x300 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 jumped 955 spots and is now #45. 10 have sold in the past two weeks, whereas last month, an average of 3 sold per week. Where trackable, all the values increased as well. Most notable, 6.0 increased 109.5% and 9.2 increased 50.3%.

Well, the CW has released their lineup and guess who is included? So, why is this issue, #37 the one that is jumping spots? After a bit of digging, I found some speculations who say that WB is working on a Constantine movie. The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 is the first appearance of the one and only, Constantine.

What are your thoughts? Who do you want to play the character?

Wild C.A.T.S

uppp-200x300 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

Wild C.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams #1 jumped 936 spots to be #49. This one is interesting. This month alone, 12 graded comics sold. That’s not the interesting part, it’s the fact that 10 sold in one day – July 10th. It sold at most for $90. Compare that to June that only had 4 sales and the lowest was for only $37.  The values increased as well. 9.8 went up 40.3%, 9.6 went up 25.2%, and 9.4 went up a measly 8.3%.

It turns out, Grifter, from WildCATS is going to be popping up in Batman #101. Batman #101 is going to be released on October 20th of this year. Here is what the synopsis states:

“A new day dawns in Gotham City, and the horrific aftermath of “The Joker War” is only starting to unfold…how has The Joker’s rampage affected the citizens of the city? What legacy did the Clown Prince of Crime leave, and how it will hit the Dark Knight? And why does Cole Cash—a.k.a.—Grifter, now work for Lucius Fox?!” – League of Comic Geeks


upppp-195x300 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

Howard the Duck #1 jumped 936 spots to be #64. 9 graded copies have sold in the past two weeks. Compare that to the 9 sold for the entire month of June. The values are a bit of a mix, however. Some increased and some decreased. Three values have been sold this month, and two of them decreased rather than increased. 9.6 increased by 22.9%, but 8.0 decreased by 23.7%, and 7.0 decreased by 10.8%.

As much as I search, I still can’t find anything on this guy. Howard the Duck came up on the list, with a variant cover, a couple weeks ago and the only thing I could tie it to was an article by another blogger about variant covers worth buying. This time? All I can find is that Peacock Streaming Service has added the film, Howard the Duck, recently. Possibly enough people saw it and it sparked their interest again?

So tell me – are you one that purchased this comic? Maybe you heard speculation in a video I can’t find. Let me know in the comments!


uppppp-190x300 7.16 Hottest Comics Biggest Movers Update

The Joker #1 jumped 925 spots to land as #75. In the past two weeks, 8 graded copies sold. While in the entire month of June, 9 sold. The way it’s going, The Joker #1 is set to beat out last month. The values increased, as per usual. The most notable being 9.6 by 39.4% and 8.0 increased by 32.5%.

While I can’t find anything about a recent movie announcement – what I can find is that Detective Comics #1023 was released last week and featured The Joker as the main villain. Since then, many articles have popped up with Joker themed content that could have driven the desire for this issue.



Hottest Comics Biggest Losers

Keeping to the top 100 list, there are also some big losers. This week, the majority of the top 100 were all movers, meaning they’ve all increased spots. Not many decreased. So, here are the biggest losers from the past week.

Amazing Spider-Man #238 – Moved down 55 spots

Avengers #48 – Moved down. 32 spots

New Teen Titans #2 – Moved down 32 spots

Nova #1 – Move down 31 spots

Fantastic Four #49 – Moved down 28 spots

Hottest Comics Wrap Up

Alright – there you have it. That’s another week complete with speculation surrounding GoCollect’s Hottest Comics list. What are your thoughts? What did I miss? You all have been amazing with updating anything that I may have missed, so thank you!



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