60% off Cold Cut’s Entire Inventory

by Jeff

Cold Cut Distribution announces big discounts for the first half of December- encourage your local retailer to order from them and save!

December 1, 2007- For two weeks only, Cold Cut Distribution’s entire catalog is available for 60% off retail price! Nothing is being held back – our entire inventory of graphic novels, comic books and comics-related merchandise is offered to retailers at 60% off! This special sale lasts for only two weeks – and begins on Saturday, December 1st and ends on Sunday, December 15th. All orders first-come, first-served. This sale is limited to in-stock inventory (no backorders, no special orders), and once we sell out of an item, it’s gone for good, so act fast!

FREE FREIGHT INCENTIVE! If you pay for your order with a credit card, we will also pay the shipping costs on your order (within the continental United States). If we already have a credit card on file for your account, just let us know to use that credit card when you place your order. If we do not have a credit card on file for you, simply include the credit card number (and expiration date) when you place your order. If you are uncomfortable with including your credit card number with your order, then simply call or fax your number separately.

Retailers can place orders by phone (leave a call-back message), fax (24 hours), email, or (preferred) through our Online Catalog! Most retailers already have a login ID and password, but if you do not have one (or have forgotten your password), simply send us an email at orders@coldcut.com and we can set you up with immediate access. (Plus, anyone can access our catalog anytime anonymously with a login ID of “guest” and password of “guest”)

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