5 Video Games You Might Never 100% Complete

by Ariel Lazo

vg-300x157 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% CompleteObviously, we all buy and play video games that we love, otherwise what’s the point?  However, there are a select few gamers that not only play for the love of the game but grab every achievement medal possible. These gamers dedicate a good portion of their lives searching and hunting for these coveted medals. Granted, you can never hold them in your hands but doesn’t change the value to all of us.

These medals are fairly easy to obtain, with many of them being awarded through regular gameplay. But developers can’t make every medal that easy. Certain games require you to do a ritual sacrifice in order to finally obtain that sweet 100 mark on your game. Let’s jump in and see how rough these achievements truly are. Also as always, if you want to see the worth of these games don’t forget to check out our Video Game Price Guide here or click on the games…

Wolfenstein-2-–-The-New-Colossus-2-300x169 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% CompleteWolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus

Published by Bethesda Softworks in 2017, this first-person shooter game will give you a run for your money. This game involves you taking on a Nazi Regime in the United States in an alternate timeline in which the Nazis won World War II.

Most medals are easily achieved. even if you are simply an okay player. But to achieve the 100% mark you need to complete the game in the Mein Leben difficulty. This is the only way to achieve the corresponding medal.

Doesn’t seem that big of a deal right? Wrong! This level is truly extreme in every way. Not only are you being bombarded constantly by Nazi soldiers controlled by an AI which just won’t miss, but you have to do this all with ONE LIFE! You have limited heals and health, limited supplies, and one life to beat every Nazi possible. Die once and it will make you restart the entire game all over again. Now do you see why most will never obtain this medal?

Grand Theft Auto 5GTA-V2-300x174 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% Complete

If you don’t know this series then you truly have been living under a rock. Published by Rockstar Games, this game was the fastest-selling entertainment product ever in history. The game involves you pulling off heists and jobs in order to pay back a big-time mob boss. You get to shoot, steal, and kill your way to the top with cops chasing you around every corner. Seems like an action-packed game filled with thrills, how hard could the achievements be?

The achievements here aren’t that tough, with one medal being impossible to get currently. In order to progress and obtain all the medals, you need complete challenges, races, heists, and online plays plus reach Gold in all missions. In addition, there is a medal called Run like the Wind, which is now unobtainable. Due to hackers, the developers have disabled bounties, making it impossible for any player to obtain this medal. This requires you to have a bounty placed on yourself.  So even if you reach the top of every level, the developers have taken out your only chance to hit that 100 mark.

FN-300x169 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% CompleteFortnite – Save the World

Surprised to see this game here? Me too! Although we all know Fortnite to be a battle royale game, it originally started out as an online co-op story-based shooter. The game mechanics are pretty much the same as the battle game, but here you can earn trophies and complete tasks. Unlike the other games, this game isn’t hard to reach the 100% complete mark, but you will be retired and collecting your benefits before you do.

To achieve the 100 mark here, it will take hours and hours of grinding. You will need to eat, sleep, drink, and dream Fortnite all day every day just to obtain the Guardian Angel medal you will need to save 10,000 survivors. That’s with only 15 survivors being the most you can save in a 20-minute mission. It will take you about 222 hours just to complete that ONE achievement. Plus, you still have to build 500K structures and explore 1,500 zones! It’s the never-ending story in a game!

Gears of War 3gears-of-war-3-marcus-fenix-200x300 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% Complete

This third-person shooter was created by Epic games and has been highly acclaimed. Many have played this game and kicked its butt easily in the solo game. Even at the highest difficulty, any average player could beat it without a drop of sweat. So why is this game on the list? Simple, beating the game will not give you all the medals you need, duh! Remember, I only mentioned the solo game.

In the multiplayer game, you can find other achievements in which you and your weapon must be one in order to complete. However, there is one medal that even Rambo would fail to achieve, the Seriously 3.0 medal. In order to obtain this, you will need to max out all medals to onyx, win 3,000 matches, get 4,000 headshots, 6,000 executions AND kill someone who has killed you 5 times, 100 times.

Last but not least…

World-Of-Warcraft-Full-Version-Free-Download-1000x600-1-300x180 5 Video Games You Might Never 100% CompleteWorld of Warcraft

Like Fortnite, the difficulty in achieving 100% doesn’t lie in amazing gameplay, but in spending months upon months of non-stop grinding. This game, produced by Blizzard, has captured the world by storm. World of Warcraft is an extremely massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Here, you create your avatar and explore an open game filled with other players, monsters, and quests. Although you can work alone, it is better and more enjoyable to play with others and create a team. So what makes this game so hard to reach the 100% mark? It never ends!

Since Warcraft is so popular and still has a high demand, developers continue to expand it. More expansion means more achievements to search for. It pretty much is a game created to never end. You will be challenged constantly with quests, monsters, and new areas to explore. On top of everything, you still have to progress your character through the various levels to increase your stats. How is a gamer supposed to achieve 100% progression in video games that are always progressing? Either way, this is still a game worth playing. Just don’t get lost in grabbing medals and forget to enjoy the game.

Final Thoughts

Video games are mean to be enjoyed. They take us to a world free of all the troubles we have here, even if it is for a short time. But sometimes you just need to be the best and nothing says it like those achievements. Some take great skill and some just tons of time but seeing that pop up saying you earned that medal just makes everything better. So fellow gamers, have any of you hit 100% in any of these games? Now is the time to show off below! Let me know your thoughts and how you have done in these video games.

Till Next Time, Happy Grinding!

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