3rd Installment Of Terragoth Chronicles Arrives This Christmas

by Jeff

This Christmas season, the third installment of the Terragoth Chronicles is coming to comic book and fantasy fans nationwide. Terragoth has flourished for a millennium. It’s leaders have been fair and just. It’s people’s ideas have been technologically progressive and practical. The ancient religions have been studied by some, but forgotten by most, and the magick spoken of in the elder’s tomes has become a thing of legend.

This legendary magick has become desperately sought after by a rogue priest who has decided that the welfare of the world is a worthy sacrifice for the success of his endeavors.

He first manipulated and had procured the mind of King Leonace of Oshiega. This was necessary to gain absolute control of the King’s army so that he might implement them to complete his charge. The dark man and his new army began their quest by completely annihilating the small, peaceful village of Therona. The wicked army was unable to find the answers they sought in Therona, so they proceeded to the neighboring mountains in hopes solving a mystery spoken of in ancient prophecies.

Simultaneously, in Oshiega, the King woke from his trance and sent his two wards, Zaic and Krystof, to put an end to the carnage. The two arrived in Therona just hours after the departure of the stolen army, and because their colors and armour matched those of the murderous army’s. they were attacked by an Elven huntsman who returned to his village to find it in shambles. The misunderstanding was resolved by the three, and the two Oshiegans acquired the help of the elven exile.

In chapter three, the mysterious priest has arrived at the prophesied destination and has began to fulfill his purpose, while the newly formed trio of adventurers begin a quest which will change their lives forever.

Published by DQU Comics (Dual Quest Unlimited).
31 pages – full color
$3.50 cover price

Written by Lonnie Pittman
Pencils and Inks by Bentti Bisson
Colors by Myrton Bewry

the Terragoth Chronicles was created by Lonnie Pittman and Bentti Bisson copyright 2007

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