More Ms. Marvel

by Matt Tuck

Ms-Marvel-1-195x300 More Ms. MarvelWhat do you do if Marvel Super-Heroes #13 is out of reach? You opt for Ms. Marvel #1. But you’d better hurry before this one gets too pricey.

When it comes to Captain Marvel keys, there’s no question that Marvel Super-Heroes #13 is the issue to have. After all, it’s the first appearance of Carol Danvers. The problem is that, as I mentioned over the weekend in the post “Captain Marvel Hysteria,” the fair market value for all grades of MSH #13 has simply exploded. In many cases, the record highs have tripled in a matter of months. That leaves many of us wanting in on the Captain Marvel movie wave, but ponying up for that first appearance is out of reach. Luckily for us, there’s Ms. Marvel #1 and Marvel Super-Heroes #12.

Although not the debut of Carol Danvers, it’s the first appearance of Ms. Marvel whose character would later evolve into the modern day Captain Marvel. While this bronze age key doesn’t have the market clout that MSH #13 is currently pulling, this issue has been selling in droves as of late. For the past month, Ms. Marvel #1 has sold 65 graded copies in the past month and is the third-highest selling bronze age title so far this year behind Star Wars #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #129.

The prices for Ms. Marvel #1 are still in the attainable category, but that could change in the coming months, particularly when the movie premieres. Every grade that has sold in the past 12 months has experienced a sizable jump in value, and all but one of those grades have gone up even higher in the last 90 days.

The 9.4 has been the most popular grade, selling 119 times since last September and for as much as $675 this past June. Over the past three months, the 9.6 has been the big seller, trading hands 29 times in that span for an FMV of $745. Want me to make you sick? You could have bought that same 9.6 for less than half of that price last year when it averaged $353.

Another issue that you should have on your want list is Marvel Super-Heroes #12. A year ago, this was the redheaded step child of the Captain Marvel mythology. Sure, it features the first appearance of Marvel’s original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vel, but it lost popularity due to the film’s focus being on the Carol Danvers version of the character. However, Mar-Vel is set to have a sizable role in the movie, and that’s given MSH #12 a boost.

At the end of 2017, out of the 14 different grades that sold that year, 10 of those saw a drop in FMV. If you had the foresight to buy a higher grade when the prices took a drop, you are set to make a profit now. In the past 90 days, every single grade has taken a noticeable upturn. The 8.5 has been the most popular, selling 21 times since this time last year, 18 of which sold in 2018, for an average of $342. What’s more impressive is that, since July, that average has jumped to $407. Not surprisingly, we’ve already seen a new record-high sale for that 8.5 when one sold for $447 in early August.

So get out there and get your hands on these Captain Marvel keys before you miss your chance to flip it for a profit when the movie debuts.

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