3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating Up

by Lauren Sisselman

081121A-300x157 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating UpAre you a fan of collecting signatures? Do you long for the days of standing in line at cons waiting for that hot autograph? You and me both! But thanks to the efforts of many CGC Signature Series reps and CGC, you can still get your books signed by the people you want. Let’s take a look at three hot modern signature series books that are on fire right now.

The Department of Truth #1the-department-of-truth-1_25384a208b-195x300 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating Up

Right now writer James Tynion is on fire. Everything he seems to touch turns to gold, and that’s no exception with The Department of Truth. This breakout modern book has been selling for $100+ unsigned, while 9.8 sig series first printings have been selling for around $200 each. The last three times it’s appeared for sale it’s brought in $191.38 (eBay, 7/19/21), $214.99 (eBay, 7/16/21), and $214.99 (eBay, 7/16/21).

There are several variants of this book worth watching out for, but of particular note is the Third Eye Comics Edition, which has a current 9.8 FMV of $375, unsigned. A copy WITH a signature sold for $499.99 on eBay just recently, on 7/26/21.

There’s even a 1:100 Something is Killing the Children homage cover, which recently sold for $999.99 (eBay, 3/20/21), making this one modern you should absolutely be investing in — especially with movie rumors whirling around this series!

stray-dogs-1_3c1efc17a9-195x300 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating UpStray Dogs #1

This modern book has become an overnight hit. CGC 9.8 blue label books sell for anywhere between $150-$500. While no signature series graded books have appeared as of yet, this is a book that will only go up in value with signatures. In fact, we’ll begin seeing this book’s signature potential soon, as Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner are participating in a CGC Signature Series signing now through Sep 30th. You can even get a sketch of your own pet on the white variant cover, which is just adorable.

If you’re looking to get started in collecting sig series books, this is the book you should be focusing on. Select covers of this series are in high demand, making this a must-have investment opportunity for collectors.

Unsigned, this book has a current 9.8 FMV of $400, with its most recent sale bringing in $535 on eBay (7/21/21). CGC 9.8 blue label books have been selling for anywhere between $150-$500.

Oh, and Image Comics has announced that every issue of Stray Dogs to date will return with new printings this August. Check it out!

The Last Ronin #1TMNT-LastRonin01_cvrA-4-659x998-1-198x300 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating Up

Teenage Mutant Turtles books are hot across the board, but none so much as The Last Ronin. First printing CGC 9.8 Signature Series graded books (signed by co-creator Kevin Eastman) have been selling steadily for $220-$250, making this an affordable book to invest in.

A super-rare signed 10.0 sold on eBay for $3,500 on 6/2/21! A couple weeks later, a 9.9 sold on eBay for $1,249.99. 9.8s have also been doing well for themselves. They are on an upward trend with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Even unsigned, the 9.8 FMV is $170, with sales holding steady. Check out more sales data on this book HERE.2021-08-11-1-300x186 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating Up

The turtles have managed to stay in the pop culture eye since their creation in the 1980s. This book will go up in value, so the time to invest is now. You can’t go wrong with most TMNT universe books — even the Archie Adventure line has been gaining traction as well.

One variant of this book that’s DEFINITELY worth watching is the Linebreakers Comics Edition. Not only is the unsigned 9.8’s FMV currently $1,950, but sales are trending upward by 89%. There are 41 signed 9.8s in the CGC census, and though none have sold yet, it’ll but fun to watch once they do.

If you’re interested in adding Signature Collection books to your own stash, check out the lineup of creators and celebrities on the roster over at CGC. Odds are, there’s someone on this list that you might want to grab while you can!

What hot modern sig books are you investing in right now? Let us know in the comments below, and happy investing!

000052721D-1-Footer 3 Modern Signature Series Books that are Heating Up

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