2023 is a “Bin” Year and Not a “Wall” Year

by Don

013123B-1024x536 2023 is a "Bin" Year and Not a "Wall" YearOne of my favorite YouTubers, Swagglehaus, has said that 2023 will likely be a comic book “bin year” and not a “wall book year.” By that, he means we have to look for good deals on minor keys and not blue chips since grails are still quite expensive and most of us have less spending power due to weakness in the economy. Here are a few minor keys that I think are great deals for around $50. When you subtract CGC grading and shipping costs, you’re basically buying these minor keys for around $10.

New Teen Titans Annual #2 CGC 9.2

Screenshot-2023-01-28-at-2.37.54-PM-567x1024 2023 is a "Bin" Year and Not a "Wall" Year

This one is floating right around $50 with the last sale being $40 back in December on eBay. Maybe not the most exciting book — the first full appearance of Vigilante in costume — but I thought James Gunn did an amazing job with Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante in his HBOMax show, Peacemaker. I thought Stroma stole every scene he appeared in. In addition, since James Gunn now oversees DC’s movie division, we should see Vigilante again in the near future.

Even though Adrian Chase first appears New Teen Titans #23, and as Vigilante in cameo in New Teen Titans #35, I prefer New Teen Titans Annual #2 since he’s clearly featured front and center on its cover.

Considering it costs about $40 to grade and ship this book, I think buying it for around $50 is a great deal. You’d basically be buying the book itself for about ten bucks.

Daredevil #10 Vol. 2 CGC 9.6

Screenshot-2023-01-28-at-2.13.13-PM-545x1024 2023 is a "Bin" Year and Not a "Wall" Year

Nearly two years ago, this book reached an all-time high of $265. Today, it sells consistently under $50. Specifically, the last three books that sold through auctions hosted on eBay sold for $49, $49, and $47. While I don’t think Echo will ever become a fan favorite, $49 would barely cover the cost of grading and shipping of this book. Once you factor in those costs, you’d basically be buying this book for $10. That is a steal, especially when you consider she’s getting her own TV show in the near future.

In addition, even though this is only the second appearance of Echo, I actually prefer this book over Daredevil #9 Vol. 2 since #9 doesn’t have Echo on its cover. #10 has a beautiful cover, in my opinion.

You’d obviously want to buy a Modern book in a 9.8, but I think 9.6s are often indistinguishable from 9.8s, and are generally undervalued, in my opinion.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #3 CGC 9.6

Screenshot-2023-01-28-at-2.50.18-PM-721x1024 2023 is a "Bin" Year and Not a "Wall" YearIf you’re patient and buy this book through an online auction, you should be able to buy it for around $50. In fact, this comic last sold for $50 on January 19th on eBay. As most collectors know, this is a minor key since it contains the first appearances of Titania and Volcana. Titania, of course, appeared in She-Hulk, portrayed by Jameela Jamil.

Again, not the most exciting book, but 18 months ago, this book reached an all-time high of $283. I have a hard time seeing it drop below $50 since you’d basically be getting it for free when you consider CGC grading and shipping costs.

Lastly, although there are nearly 1,000 9.8 copies of this book on the CGC Census, a 9.6 isn’t a bad grade for a book published in 1984, in my opinion.

Do you know of any other “bin” books that we should search for? Please let us know in the comments section below!

000052721D-1-Footer 2023 is a "Bin" Year and Not a "Wall" Year*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Patrick Bivona February 4, 2023 - 4:24 pm

Every year is a wall book year – just steer clear of overpriced slabs and all will be fine! Buy raw for the deal and slab later has worked for me for 25 years good luck all!

Sean February 4, 2023 - 4:33 pm

If you wanna really rake in the dough, buy Warlock #9. It’s hard to believe, but both Overstreet and CGC have gotten it wrong. Strange Tales #178 is NOT the first appearance of the Magus. The character was just a floating green head in that issue. It wasn’t until Strange Tales #181 that we got the first full body glimpse of the Magus at the end of the story. Then, in Warlock #9, we finally get the first FULL appearance of the Magus along with the origin of the character. If the Magus becomes even half as popular as Thanos after he’s introduced in the MCU, look for Warlock #9 to skyrocket in value. It’s really hard to believe, but, Overstreet and CGC both got it wrong, which opens the door for a big opportunity for investors.


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