2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect

by Jamal K.

Wild-year-for-Poke-300x157 2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect2020 was crazy enough for Pokémon and other trading cards, but 2021 is about to get crazier. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon company, and they have huge plans in store for this year. From celebrity promotions to a new card set and even providing cards in cereal boxes, Pokémon is going all-out. Pokémon is everywhere and the hype is very real. The hype is further coupled with a lag in printing more cards, causing demand to skyrocket far beyond the supply. With store shelves empty of Pokémon cards,  people are rushing anywhere and everywhere they can to find more. Let’s take a look at what has happened so far in 2021, and what is to come next with Pokémon.

Katy Perry Collaboration

1610555242_Pokemon-25th-Anniversary-%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8BKaty-Perry-Music-Collaboration-Events-and-More-1024x576 2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect To inaugurate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, the company has chosen to collaborate with some of pop music’s biggest stars. The first celebrity to work with the company is Katy Perry, who has created a song to celebrate this anniversary. Perry is just one of many musicians who will be creating Pokémon-themed music this year. In addition, Perry momentarily caused the price of Pikachu cards to spike when she mentioned on Twitter that her favorite character was Pikachu. Expect to see more celebrities come out of the woodwork with Pokémon-themed content.

Logan Paul’s $2 Million Box Break

logan-paul-pokemon-card-box-break-1200x675 2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect Famous YouTuber Logan Paul broke the Pokémon world when he announced he purchased $2 million worth of 1st Edition Base Set Pokémon booster boxes. Paul will be live-streaming the opening of one of these boxes and will be selling each booster pack for $10,000 as the opening bid for each. With the average price of each booster box being around $300-400k, this will mark one of the most expensive live box breaks in Pokémon history. Paul plans to live-stream on February 27, which is also Pokémon Day. Card grading company PSA has created a special label for all cards that get graded from Paul’s box break to commemorate the event on the label.

Cereal and McDonald’s Promotional Cards

Screen-Shot-2020-07-31-at-10.04.46-AM 2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect Beginning in early February, cereal boxes produced by General Mills will contain promotional Poké cards. These General Mills cards will come in a white booster pack and will have a specially designed holographic background that resembles a cereal-like pattern. In addition to cereal, McDonald’s also joined in by adding promotional booster packs with every happy meal. These cards contain many of the starter Pokémon’s last printed artwork but with a holographic background, including the holographic Pikachu. Prices on these cards are already hitting the roof on eBay, despite ample supply by both General Mills and McDonald’s. With how popular Pokémon is this year, many are overspending out of fear of missing out. Please leave the happy meals alone for the children!


To throw more fuel to the fire, Pokémon will additionally be releasing the new Shining Fates set on February 19, 2021. With card shortages already existing, it’s likely stores will be sold out within hours of release. The company will additionally be releasing a special 25th-anniversary set sometime this year. As the year progresses, we will see more celebrities come to the forefront of the Poké world. Most recently, famous musician Steve Aoki and poker champion Dan Bilzerian. You can enjoy this year of Pokémon without overpaying – simply avoid eBay and stick to purchasing at your local game shop or retail store, but don’t forget to get in line early!

Pokémon has taken over GoCollect! Stay tuned today for all the latest!

Pokemon-Footer 2021 Is a Wild Year for Pokémon-What to Expect


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