2019 Speculation Spectacularrr!

by Michael Vlachakis

124842_96f989ee9d353de523b58b94ede099d24772f8da-199x300 2019 Speculation Spectacularrr!

2018 was an amazing year for comic book speculation.  It began like any other and was promptly hit in the face by Erik Killmonger with the release of Black Panther in February.  It kept careening through Avengers: Infinity War (I think there maybe were some DC movies out there as well) and then the hype machine for 2019 started like early Christmas decor in October.  Everything Captain Marvel started taking off and people started overpaying for Hydroman (this has thankfully cooled off…pun intended).  I have some predictions for what to be keeping an eye out for in 2019!

*Warning:  These are just the unchecked rantings of a mad-man, and should not be put in any particular order or used as gospel.

Spider-Man, Women, and Hams:  2018 was a great year for everything Spider-Man…but so is every year.  Spider-Man comics are like Cheerios…as long as babies exists, they will be on store shelves and people will buy them.  Luckily, Into the Spider-Verse and the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home have helped boost visibility for the wall crawler and his ancillary friends (more on this below).  2019 should be another great year for Spidey themed comics on the market.

Captain America:  Captain America comics seem to be a bit unappreciated in the market.  Key comics tend to be at lower price points than other Marvel titles with similar significance, from a similar date-range.  I believe we are going to get a lesson in what I call Cinderella Syndrome…as in “don’t know what ya got til it’s gone” when it comes to Chris Evans.  I expect a mass uprising in Captain prices after End Game.

Morbius:  Of all this Sony Spider-Man Universe sans Spider-Man, the one buzz name that keeps coming up is Morbius…unfortunately it tends to be followed by the name Jared Leto.  Nothing against Leto specifically, but his Joker was weak, and I don’t really want him messing up Morbius.  Regardless, I am sure we will continue to see tons of speculation about a possible upcoming movie and the price-jumps to go with it.

Teamwork:  The Guardians of the Galaxy seem to be in a holding pattern, Avengers is having an End Game, and there seems to be no group to hold the line.  Something crazy is going to happen to fill the void.  A new Avengers roster is a guarantee, but perhaps some Excalibur, Alpha Flight, or if we are lucky Great Lakes Avengers will fill in some of the void left in the team department.

Warlock:  We don’t know when, we don’t know how, but at some point, we are going to be treated to Adam Warlock.  Are you ready?  We have infinity stones, a gauntlet, and a cocoon.  The writing appears to be on the wall, so make sure you own a piece of the wall.  Warlock comics already have a rabid fan base, and exposure is only going to explode prices.

Do you have a great speculation prediction for the 2019 comic market?  Is there a topic that you would like our team to spend some time researching?  Let us know what you are looking for in 2019!

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