2008 Harvey Awards Winners

by Jeff

The 2008 Harvey Awards winners have been announced:

Best Letterer – Chris Eliopoulos, Daredevil
Best Colorist – Laura Martin, Thor
Best Syndicated Strip or Panel – Doonsbury, by Garry Trudeau
Best Online Comics Work – Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
Best Inker – Kevin Nowlan – Witchblade
Best American Edition of Foreign Material – Eduardo Risso’s Tales of Terror by Dynamite Entertainment
Best New Series – The umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Comics
Best Graphic Album, Previously Published – Captain America Omnibus, Marvel Comics
Special Award for Humor in Comics – Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
Best New Talent – Vasilis Lolos, Last Call, Oni Press
Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation – Reading Comics: How Graphic Albums Work and What They Mean by Douglas Wolk
Best Anthology – Popgun Volume 1, Edited by Joe Keatinge, Image Comics
Best Domestic Reprint Project – The Complete Peanuts, Fantagraphics Books
Best Cover Artist – Mike Mignola, Hellboy
Special Award for Excellence in Presentation – EC Archives, edited by Russ Cochran, Gemstone
Best Graphic Album, Original – Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, Oni Press
The Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award – Nick Cardy, presented by Todd Dezago
Best Continuing or Limited Series – All Star Superman, DC Comics
Best Writer – Brian K. Vaughan, Y: The Last Man, DC Comics
Best Artist – Frank Quitely, All Star Superman, DC Comics
Best Cartoonist – Darwyn Cooke, The Spirit, DC Comics
Best Single Issue or Story – All Star Superman #8, DC Comics

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