10-year-old bounty hunter COW BOY will tickle yer liver

by Jeff

jan120822 10-year-old bounty hunter COW BOY will tickle yer liverMedia Release — NOTICE! Archaia Entertainment announces COW BOY: A BOY AND HIS HORSE, a dandy new graphic novel comin’ in March by NATE COSBY (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, Pigs) and CHRIS ELIOPOULOS (Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, Misery Loves Sherman). Them good-for-nothin’s wrote’n drew the main tale, and there’s short stories by the likes’a ROGER LANGRIDGE (The Muppet Show Comic), COLLEEN COOVER (Spider-Man), BRIAN CLEVINGER & SCOTT WEGENER (Atomic Robo) an’ MIKE MAIHACK (Cleopatra in Space).

COW BOY‘s the tale of Boyd Linney, a 10-year-old bounty hunter determined t’round up his entire outlaw family. He scours the Old West on a horse that ain’t his, armed with a stick-horse what packs a loud holler.

“This is my favorite thing I’ve ever written,” said varmint author Nate Cosby. “And it’s the best thing Chris has ever drawn. It’s an all-ages tale of justice, redemption and growing up with the knowledge that you can love your family…but that doesn’t mean you can let them get away with everything. I’m so excited Archaia is giving Chris and I the chance to bring our story to a big audience.”

“Creating a book that can be read by anyone and everyone gives me a great feeling,” spouted yella-bellied Chris Eliopoulos. “Knowing I can hand COW BOY to my parents or my children and know they will both enjoy it is something very rare these days in comics. And for me personally, I enjoyed the chance to push my art in new ways. From the coloring, the action to evoking a feeling with a few simple lines, this has been one of the best things I’ve ever done and I know that when people read it, they’ll love it, too.”

Archaia’s ne-er-do-well Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy done said, “I ain’t had this much fun reading a kids comic since Calvin and Hobbes, an’ that’s the truth. Readers should buy this book now before Nate an’ Chris get locked up for that trouble they caused over the border last year.”

Here’s some mighty fine words said ’bout COW BOY (hardcover, full color, 96 pages, 6″ x 9″, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-936393-67-1, Diamond Order Code JAN120822) from reputable folks…

“There are a lot of things to love about Cow Boy. [It] is a book full of heart and soul.” – Ali Colluccio, iFanboy

“Cow Boy is ‘Unforgiven’ meets Looney Tunes in comic book form.”
– Alex Zalben, MTV Geek

“Cow Boy takes me to a happy place. I see it having that effect on about everyone who reads it.” – Amy Ratcliffe, Geek with Curves

“…an engaging comic truly for all ages.” – Aaron Long, Comicosity

This here book’s shippin’ in March, and is available for pre-order now through them comic shops.

Startin’ January 23, you can mosey over to http://cowboycomic.net and follow the adventures of the Cow Boy. There’ll be free weekly updates with never-before-seen parts of this tale for all ages to gander at.

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